Hexacta Establishes Its Presence In The Educational Community 

Hexacta Establishes Its Presence In The Educational Community 

We continue increasing the number of talks and events given by our experts at Hexacta for the academic community. Take a look at what we have accomplished so far and what is in store for us next.

At Hexacta, we carry out different actions focused on bringing our software development to the academic community and different professionals from the software development and IT world.  

All these actions are thought through and coordinated by the members of our Awareness initiative.  

In recent years, we have been working to continue increasing the number of talks, as well as the number of institutions where we develop different activities. In order to achieve this goal, we have been looking for new topics, with great effort from the speakers, who with vocation and knowledge, are committed to creating dynamic talks based on their own experiences.  

We have improved communication with these institutions, collaborating jointly to organize these events, while paying attention to the particular needs of each institution. 

We also work together with other areas of Hexacta, such as Marketing and Recruiting, to improve the communication of each event we hold, which enables us to reach more people interested in participating. We understand that teamwork and collaboration among the different areas is crucial to achieve the OKRs (Objectives and Key Results) of the initiative.   

Focusing on the last two years, since 2021, we have been carrying out different actions, mainly on two fronts: universities and the technical community. 

In Universities 

Our main goal is to be present in different universities to bring our experience to students in programs related to systems. 

Hexacta Establishes Its Presence In The Educational Community 2

So far, we have been able to share our knowledge in several universities in Argentina like Universidad Católica Argentina (UCA), Universidad de Palermo (UP), Universidad Nacional de General Sarmiento (UNGS), Universidad Nacional del Sur (UNS), and Universidad Nacional de La Plata (UNLP). We have also been able to participate in universities in Colombia, such as Universidad de los Andes, by talking about Fast Data, Microservices, Cloud Architectures, and Agile Methodologies. 

Even though the pandemic has threatened in-person talks, we have turned it into an opportunity, since it opened the door to give talks virtually without the need for the speaker or the participants to be physically in the same place. As a result, the number of participants has increased, and we have been able to share our experience with even more people. 

The topics we have covered so far are: Big Data, Fast Data, Microservices, Clean Code, Design Principles for mobile applications, Scrum, and Cloud Computing Architecture. These lectures were very well received by students, professors, and authorities of the universities, which has allowed us to keep in touch with them and to organize new lectures for 2022. 

As of 2022, Hexacta has been given the opportunity to participate in a number of job fairs in Colombia, both virtually and in person, organized by prestigious universities like Universidad de la Sabana, Universidad de los Andes, Universidad Sergio Arboleda, and Universidad Javeriana. In these job fairs, we are assigned as sponsors and have a stand where we are able to get together with students and graduates to give them insights on what it is like working at the company. 

For the technical community 

The year 2021 opened doors to a new challenge — collaborating in the organization of events for different communities. That is how a new initiative was born: Hexacta Summit. The first edition, hosted back in July 2021, was an event focused on Cloud technologies and architectures. It consisted of 4 hours with 3 speakers from Hexacta and an external one from Microsoft participating. We had a total of 467 registrants thanks to our communication efforts through our presence in networks, advertisements, email marketing, and diffusion in universities. You can take a look at the recorded tracks here. 

In the first week of November, we hosted the second edition of our event Data Week. In this 5-day event, we had 10 panelists who gave 8 talks focused on very interesting concepts and tools in the world of data. It was a very successful week where they presented their knowledge and research in front of an external audience. We reached a total of 294 attendees out of a total of 662 registrants (i.e., almost 50% of the registrants joined the event).

To close the year, we also carried out the Hexacta Labs 2021, an event open to the public in which we approached and invited young enthusiasts to develop a web application from start to finish. We invite you to learn more about this yearly event here

We recently held our first Hexacta Summit of the year. Last May, Academy Edition was a huge success that garnered the attention of students and recent graduates looking to get started in the world of software. The main purpose was to offer insights on what it is like to be part of Hexacta’s Academy Intern Program. We had a total of 295 attendees out of a total of 660 registrants (once again, almost half of the registrants joined). It was a spectacular event that will almost certainly be repeated soon. You can relive all the talks here.  

Our next steps 

We are continuously facing many challenges, and we hope that what is left of 2022 will be even greater, reaching more educational institutions, as well as carrying out and collaborating on new events. 

Want Hexacta to be present at your university? Get in touch with us!  

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