Hexacta, finalist in two categories of the Sadosky Awards

Hexacta, finalist in two categories of the Sadosky Awards

After winning the “Best Technology Company in Argentina” category in 2009, Hexacta is again a finalist in the Sadosky Awards but this time in two categories.

Hexacta, finalist in two categories of the Sadosky Awards Organized by the Argentine Chamber of Software Services Companies (CESSI), the Sadosky Awards recognizes the achievements of the IT community in Argentina. This year, Hexacta is a finalist in two categories: Software Solution (for the SUACI project) and Lifetime Achievement (in the Local Companies category).

SUACI stands for Unified System for Citizen Care and is a 311-type of solution (147 in Buenos Aires) that was developed from scratch for the City of Buenos Aires. It handles all requests, complains and reports of citizens interacting with the City Government, either via the web, on the phone or physically at the offices the City Government has scattered throughout Buenos Aires. Before the introduction of SUACI, the existence of many phone numbers and many different software platforms made the filing and tracking of requests very confusing and frustrating for the Citizens.

Since its introduction, SUACI has grown to handle over 1,5MM contacts annually. The system is also aimed at increasing citizen participation and modernizing Citizen Care services. Paperwork has been greatly reduced and activities that formerly required Citizens to show up in person can now be handled online. For example, the payment of traffic violation tickets can now be made through the web.

This platform is also a powerful marketing tool. City officials can now conduct campaigns focused on informing Citizens of services available to them, monitor complains and appointments and answer inquiries via email.

Hexacta, finalist in two categories of the Sadosky Awards

On the other hand, the Lifetime Achievement award recognizes those companies that through their work have made significant contributions to the IT ecosystem in Argentina. The award emphasizes R&D achievements as well as accomplishments in introducing and improving Quality Systems.

CESSI holds the belief that “human resources are the most important capital of our industry”. Through the development and investment of talent towards technological innovation, CESSI looks to be a promoter of economic and social growth in Argentina.

Hexacta has been recognized as a pillar of the Argentine IT community many times, and is a referent for its constant incentive to its workforce, its encouragement of shared values and its experience and knowledge.

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