Hexacta in the National Congress of Engineering Students

Hexacta in the National Congress of Engineering Students

Once again, the National Congress of Systems Engineering Students turned out to be a very successful event and, for the first time, Hexacta proudly presented to the young students their work.

Students participated in the three days congress where, with a schedule filled with activities and presentations, they enriched their knowledge on various aspects of their field.

Hexacta in the National Congress of Engineering Students

In honor of “Engineer´s Day” in Argentina, on June 4th through 6th, the Universidad Tecnológica Nacional in Santa Fe hosted the event where experts and trainees met for the 8th consecutive year, generating an ideal meeting location between future engineers and industries associated with Information and Communication Technology.

Two members of our team, Lucas Acosta and Christian Bohm, Project Managers at Hexacta, where summoned to share their knowledge and experiences in successful architectural projects of great magnitude and importance.

Our professionals explained how to apply the theory they learn in their universities into the working environment, and demonstrated how processes work, the importance of team organization, dealing with clients, and the use of different technologies within Hexacta by presenting successful past cases.

Young students from Santa Fé, Córdoba, Rosario, La Plata, Chaco and Formosa attended the national event, which was open and free to the public, and Hexacta had the honor of giving one of the first talks during the opening day.

We are proud of participating in these kind of activities that encourage this new generation of professionals to keep on going, giving us the chance to find out about their concerns and providing them with the right tools to solve them.

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