Hexacta opens its office in the United States

Hexacta opens its office in the United States

  • The new location is located in Seattle, Washington.
  • The main goal of this office is to be closer to the clients and to generate more project opportunities.

Buenos Aires, February 26, 2018. “We’ve been looking and working hard to finally get our own office in the U.S. market, and now that we’ve achieved this goal, it is definitely a dream come true.” These were the words of Javier López de Lagar, Partner at Hexacta, when he spoke about the recent opening of the seventh office of our software development company in the city of Seattle, Washington, where López himself has been recently relocated from Buenos Aires.

Hexacta opens its office in the United States

“For years,” he adds, “we were aware that we needed to expand and establish an office in the US since the majority of our clients come from this country. With this huge step, we look forward to strengthening our relationships with current clients, opening new opportunities, and creating strong ties that will guarantee that we can meet the software needs our clients may have.”

“As the software service grows, we need to understand and adapt to what the market is expecting from outsourcing companies. We got this. That’s why, over a year ago, we started to carry out all the legal procedures towards launching our new branch office in the U.S. There, we want to build a minimal structure by hiring local people who will assist some clients who prefer having someone on-site working in their offices”, ended López de Lagar who will work as a Head of Operations in the US market from now on.

Hexacta opens its office in USA

The Seattle office joins the six others of Hexacta’s locations: Buenos Aires (with 3 development centers), La Plata, Bahía Blanca, and Paraná in Argentina, Uruguay, and Brazil.

With this new achievement, Hexacta solidifies its commitment to continuous improvement to become a leader of nearshore software development in the region.

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