Hexacta’s Managing Partner speaks at the Outsource2LAC

Hexacta’s Managing Partner speaks at the Outsource2LAC

On November 21st, Juan Navarro, Hexacta’s Managing Partner, took part of a panel at the Outsource2LAC where he debated with other worldwide industry referents about how to create collaborative outsourcing models to enhance human capital development.

Outsource2LAC is the most popular and influential outsourcing offshoring summit of the region, where companies, associations and national agencies from the industry from around the world are called to attend and take advantage of meeting at the same place in one of the most dynamic regional markets: Latin America and the Caribbean.


This time the event was held in Buenos Aires, Argentina. More than 600 global services companies from more than 20 Latin American and the Caribbean countries and from the United States, Ireland, Spain, France, Egypt, India and The Philippines attended the forum.

Mr. Navarro participated in the panel representing CESSI, the Chamber of Argentine Software and IT Services companies. He described the efforts Argentina has made in the past decade to improve the supply of highly qualified talent that the industry has required to support its growth.

He also illustrated how the Software Promotion Law that was passed in 2004 in Argentina has helped drive companies into investing in R&D and improve their adoption of software quality models. This is because the Software Promotion Law provides tax benefits to those companies that can prove sustainable investments in R&D and continuous efforts in enhancing the quality of the services they provide.

Hexacta was one of the first companies to qualify for the benefits under the Law given its leadership position in the country in quality services and R&D. The panel also discussed the importance of the availability of English proficient staff.

Mr. Navarro argued that Argentina has an important pool of fluent English speakers that, together with a similar time zone to the US and Europe, positions the country in an advantageous position to be the chosen destination for outsourced nearshore project work.

We are proud of being part of such an important event, which resulted in more than 1000 business meetings in the last two years. As one of the top ten companies to work for in the country, Hexacta supports the idea of the talent developement and the improvement of human resources.

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