Hexacta won two Sadosky Awards 2013

Hexacta won two Sadosky Awards 2013

Hexacta achieved something historical at the latest Sadosky Awards ceremony: it won in two different categories for the first time ever.

Hexacta won two awards at the Sadosky 2013

Every year, the Chamber of Software and IT Services of Argentina (CESSI) presents the Sadosky Awards to honor the achievements of the IT community in the country. This year the ceremony took place on October 31st at the Cultural Pavilion of Tecnópolis – the largest science and technology fair in Latin America, hosted annually in Buenos Aires.

Over 450 representatives from the industry, academia and government attended the event, including the Secretary of Labor and the Secretary of Science and Technology.

Hexacta first won the most coveted award of all, the Business Achievement award. This award honors those companies that throughout their history have contributed significantly to the development of the industry through R&D, product development, project execution, quality systems and growth.

Hexacta also won the Best IT Solution category thanks to SUACI, the Citizen Care solution developed for the City of Buenos Aires. Through SUACI, Buenos Aires residents can now access many of the services offered by the City Government electronically or over the phone. They can file claims or complains or ask about city services. They can schedule appointments to renew their driver’s license or pay parking tickets.

Hexacta won two awards at the Sadosky 2013

SUACI keeps track of all interactions of Citizens with the City Government and maintains the user informed of the progress of their requests and inquiries until their resolution. Based on the information it collects, Government officials can later design communication campaigns to inform Citizens of new services or events, or even launch alerts via email in case of public risks. The system has been extensively praised for its Citizen Centric approach.

The winners of the Sadosky awards are selected by a renowned panel of IT industry professionals based on a comprehensive and rigorous list of evaluation criteria. At Hexacta we are extremely proud and pleased with our two awards this year.

We strongly believe in the concept of setting ambitious goals for the company and then working hard to meet those goals. We will continue to work hard in the years to come to achieve even more challenging objectives.

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