The first agile Open Space was held yesterday at Hexacta’s headquarters in Buenos Aires, where professionals from diverse areas gathered to discuss about agile methodologies.

This meeting was organized and led by Pablo Pecora, Hexacta’s Manager and Scrum Coach. Attendees got the opportunity to go over and deeper on Agile methodologies. Around 10 subjects were proposed by the audience. After voting, the winner topic was “Agile MVP” (that stands for “Minimum Viable Product”).

open space agile at Hexacta

The idea was to share what the “main concepts” are so then we could apply an “organic Scrum” in more structured companies that are used to waterfall methodologies.

The participants agreed with that and talk about the importance of showing the added value in a short period of time. They thought that strategy is a game changer for conventional companies, also that the retrospective and the team estimation empowers the whole team, helping them embrace Scrum. During the event, several tips and experiences about how to convince a conventional management to use Scrum were shared.

Another topic was about “Forming Agile Teams”, focusing on the criteria used to create and motivate teams with different seniorities and maturity in the agile world. To end the meeting, the group shared experiences and techniques (like shu ha ri, and agile adoption pattern) on how to form, work and coach multidisciplinary teams.

Hexactaopen space at hexacta encourages this encounters and provides the place to make them possible. They are open and free for anyone interested.
There are still issues left to talk about, and surely we will soon have news on the upcoming meeting.

If you are interested in attending, stay in touch with the community through Community or MeetUp page: https://www.meetup.com/es-ES/agiles-arg/


The Open Space is a format of talks and open participation, the main advantage of which is its dynamic and involved generation of the event’s agenda. While such meetings are long-lasting, Hexacta’s Open Space are designed to last no more than three hours, during which participants work from one to three topics of their interest.

The Open Space is designed as a space to share knowledge and experiences around the agile world, in which some of the issues primarily treated are agile methodologies in software development, project management, in continuous improvement of production equipment, organizational change, leadership, and motivation.

Hexacta encourages these encounters and provides the place to make them possible. They are open and free for all interested. Watch the First Hexacta’s Open Space of 2017.

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