Hiring a development team: factors that scream outsource now!

Hiring a development team: factors that scream outsource now!

Do you need to scale up your business? Your in-house team does not have the right skills? Here are some key signs that warn you might need hiring a nearshore software development team.

Hiring a nearshore development team: factors that scream outsource now!Companies have been outsourcing some activities for decades, like advertising and accounting. There is a basic shift taking place in other departments: increasingly, companies of all sizes, from small businesses to enterprises, are getting outside help with software development, too.

From mobile apps, large-scale architectures with Microservices, solutions based on large volumes of data, artificial intelligence, to custom in-house systems, working with a software development company can result in many different advantages. Among them are faster time to market, reduced overhead costs, more innovative solutions, and higher productivity.

Here are three key signs that it might be a good time to get help from a third party and hire a nearshore software development team on your next project.

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1. Your business is growing

The need to scale up is an exciting prospect for any business. It means you are growing and the potential to raise revenue or increase market share are real. But scaling up can be risky and you do not want to make any bad decisions at a pivotal moment. Investing in the wrong areas of your business at the wrong time can mean you might fail to capture the potential and your business will not grow, after all.

In order to scale quickly, it can make sense to hire a software development team. If capitalizing on the potential of a new market or a new product requires you to build a mobile app or modernize your internal system, for example, getting outside help can help you take advantage of that opportunity so you can scale effectively and efficiently.

Trying to build out a new product on your own while the company is expanding can strain your in-house team, causing a ripple effect of negative consequences and, eventually, a higher turnover in your IT department because they are being challenged beyond their limits (or, in some cases, their capabilities). Let the partner focus on building the perfect solution while you keep your focus on your core business.

2. The project calls for a quick turnaround

Product life cycles are getting shorter every year, it seems. The same goes for design cycles, as the pace of change continues to increase — a direct correlation to the rate of digital transformation in a global marketplace. With competition coming from unexpected places, companies are having to learn to move faster and respond to fluctuations in customer demand more quickly than ever. Those who become more agile will survive and succeed in the new world order.

Hiring a nearshore development team: factors that scream outsource now!

When a software project has been identified, it is usually important to act fast. Doing so allows companies to start leveraging the benefits of digital transformation sooner rather than later. Whether the project is a new app, modernization of legacy systems, or something else, a software company can help your organization meet time constraints by reducing time to market.

Hiring a nearshore company that is in the same time zone as yours, the process becomes even more efficient because you will not have to wait for time differences when your team is communicating with theirs. In addition, working with teams who speak your language adds yet another element of productivity and efficiency to the equation. When time is money, that can make a huge difference in the success of the project.

Speaking of money: no matter what type of project you have in mind, consider proficiency over cost when deciding who you want to work with. Even if a provider costs a little more, they can end up saving you money in the end.

3. Your in-house team does not have the skills

Like we said, this is the digital era and things move fast. The software industry has seen some disruption, too. New technologies, new programming languages, and new concepts in design and development have replaced the old and your team’s outdated skill sets might not match your company’s needs at the moment.

There are whole new areas of expertise in the software development fieldexpertise that your in-house team may not have. They may have the skills to maintain your current needs and for certain basic projects but in certain areas that require specialized knowledge, such as QA  and testing, they may simply not be up to speed. Or if your project calls for expertise in Artificial Intelligence, you will need to work with a company who can offer that type of niche expertise.

Hiring a nearshore development team: factors that scream outsource now!

Collaborating on a project with a software development company can help fill those knowledge gaps so your project can get underway and come to fruition in the best way possible.

If you do not have an in-house team, hiring a nearshore development team can be much more effective than taking the time and effort to recruit and retain your own team.

Remember: things move fast in the 21s century and if you have identified the need for a software project, the time to start is now, not six months from now. Delaying can mean the scope of the project could change, not to mention your business goals, budgets, and other forks in the road that could arise in just a few months’ time.

Good talent is scarce, especially in the development world. Full-stack developers command top salaries and hiring new talent is more than a matter of finding someone with the requisite skills — you also have to find someone who aligns with company culture.

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Even with the three factors we have outlined above, handing over your software development project to another company can still be a tough call — a decision fraught with what ifs and a very wide spectrum of things that could happen. It may help to remember that hiring a nearshore development team is never an all-or-nothing choice. Even though you are choosing not to develop your product in-house, you are not completely handing things over, either. If you are looking to succeed, you must trust in your partner but also be involved during the entire development process. In a few words: embrace the benefits of hiring a nearshore development team.

You should think of it as a joint venture or a partnership — one whose results are equally important to you and to the development company and team you choose to work with.

Working together toward a common goal and a great product, both sides create value for their respective companies and together, everyone wins — above all, the people who will be using your product!

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