Key points to select the right tech partners

Key points to select the right tech partners

Defining the best tech partner for your company is a strategic decision that will impact on any company in the long-term. Do you have questions about how to select the best software development company and take your business to another level? In this article, you will learn how to make the best decision.

Techparther HexactaUsually, it is not easy to decide which software development company best suits your company, not only because it is a very important economic investment, but also because the company´s productivity and objectives fulfillment are at risk.

How do you define which tech partners are best for your business when there are so much competitors and diversity? Pay attention to the following!

Before… Determine what you want and ask

There are many companies looking for technology solutions without knowing what they want to solve or what their particular needs are. Do you want to automate a process, open new markets, optimize production times, and improve your relationship with your customers? Define exactly what you need and you can start to see the options that the market offers. If you are not absolutely sure of what you need, do not hesitate to consult with experts, who will be able to accurately determine the best solution for your requirements.

Now, before deciding who should be your technological partner, it is important to answer these four questions:

1. Does my company have its own technology department?

This impacts directly on the decision of choosing a partner. Why? Because it is likely that if you have this department within the company, there are some preferences on certain languages ​​or technologies to be used in the solution, so you can look for companies that offer such solutions. Likewise, you may want to improve your current methodological standards, infrastructure, or development, for which you can hire development companies with important know-how and expertise and learn best practices that you can apply in your own department.

“If you don’t have a technology department -Juan Carlos Terragno, manager at Hexacta, assures- it is important to choose a technological partner who advises properly on the selection of appropriate languages ​​and technologies that not only pursues the sale of licenses.

It is essential that this partner makes a technical and functional analysis for quality attributes (security level, multi-language, number of users, etc.) which must be the solution to provide architectural, technological, methodological and project management strategies to ensure the achievement of that goal”

2. Should I go to a big company or a small one when it comes to software development?

This will depend on the complexity and scale of degree involving the development. It is natural that the first search of suppliers initially focuses on those companies with recognition or reputation in the sector; however, be aware that this does not always ensure that they have the right solution to your needs.

The key is then to have clear each provider’s expertise and find if the structure of that technology partner is compatible with the company’s structure, not only in size but in culture and values. Anyway, consider the supplier’s ability to provide different profiles for different areas (consulting, interface design, testing, quality assurance, project management, architecture, development, etc.) as well as the ability to cope with crisis or modify the structure of equipment according to requirements.

3. Do I want to have control over the group that develops the solution in my company?

If your company has a technology department, consider working with a technology partner that allows you to acquire the necessary knowledge to continue the maintenance of the solution, even if there is no intention to do so.

“The transfer of knowledge can be done in different ways, depending on the level of involvement the client wishes to have during the development. One of the alternatives is when the client’s staff is part of the development team; another is that the technology partner offers training on all aspects of the project once the project or the solution is complete”, emphasizes Terragno, while highlighting that in all cases it is essential that the technology partner declares a clear vocation for sharing their knowledge and understanding clients’ needs.

4. Should I choose a general or a specialist company?

Technology partner HexactaCompanies that specialize in a particular industry or service can be a good choice when what you seek is similar to what the technology partner has resolved for other companies in the past.  However, take into account that there are different ways of solving the needs in the same industry, so previous experience in the industry may not be decisive.

“The fact that the technology partner is inclined to a single industry limits the possibilities of innovative solutions from which other industries nurture”, says Hexacta’s Manager.

Meanwhile, a general firm, with knowledge and experience in different industries and solutions, will properly understand the client’s problem, regardless of its complexity, and it will know how to enrich their solutions thanks to their knowledge from other industries.

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The ideal tech partner

Once you have in mind what kind of technology partner you need and count with a group of suppliers, it is time to make a decision. Consider the following features that a development company must have and make the best decision for your business: 

      • The Company must prove to have long term relationships with its clients:  the validation of the company experience, professional trajectory, and quality are key factors; to do so, contact some companies that have worked with the supplier to know how their experience was and the final result.
      • It should have abilities and excellence in software development: this will ensure that the final product will be of excellent quality.
      • It must have support teams: groups such as the Quality Assurance Group (QAG) or Organizational Improvement Group (GMO) are a guarantee of quality and excellence in software development.
      • The company should demonstrate a solid methodological training: knowledge of different software development methodologies and experience in the use of different technologies will be a key starting point.
      • It should offer support throughout the entire cycle of the solution: from the conception of the solution to its deployment in the production environment and post-development support.
      • It should have the ability to adapt the new technology to your company: it shouldn’t pretend that your company adapts to a unique solution. Keep in mind that the technological solution should be integrated with other systems in your company and interact with different users.
      • They should understand the business: functional managers (with whom your company has direct contact), as well as designers and programmers, must understand the customer’s business and help you find the best solution to your needs, always aligned with your objectives.
      • Testers should ensure product quality: they should also guide the client on how to perform their own tests.
      • They should have communication skills in other languages: ensure that project members have the skills to communicate effectively with the client, for example, in English.
      • Have a low staff turnover: this means that the company cares to generate healthy work environments where, professional growth, teamwork, and constant training are promoted, among other things.

In summary

Technological partner HexactaChoosing the tech partner for your business is a strategic decision that should not be treated lightly. In many cases you are defining a long-term relationship, since changing a technological partner may be more expensive and complex than changing any other type of provider.

It is essential to clearly know your needs to determine the right solution. Check the trajectory, projects, clients, and solutions of the company, as well as its methodology and its team. Are you ready to make a wise decision?

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