Hybrid methodologies, a new theme for an Open Space

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The hybrid methodologies was the main theme last November 25th at a new Hexacta’s Open Space were over 50 software development professionals from different companies participated both in person and by live streaming via Google Hangouts.

Hybrid methodologies Hexacta's Open Space

Before the Open Space there was an opening talk by our Methodology & QA Lead and agile evangelist Laura Eliaschev.

It focused on Hybrid methodologies: Hexacta’s way of incorporating good agile practices to traditional methodologies, including lessons learned from our experience. In this new hybrid methodology, the roles, artifacts and meetings vary from the traditional approach so we can obtain the agile benefits maintaining the traditional “turn-key” philosophy.

The main goal of the meeting was to share the participants experiences on methodology implementation.

For those interested in learning more about hybrid methodologies, the lecture given by our keynote speaker Laura Eliaschev is available in Spanish: http://goo.gl/RjxqJk

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