Inclusive education with the use of ICT have an appointment at TINC

Inclusive education with the use of ICT have an appointment at TINC

The use of ICT in education will be the main subject in the ‘Including Technologies’ (TINC for its acronym in Spanish), an event organized by the DANE Project, an initiative in which Hexacta is part of, and it will be held on October 20 in Buenos Aires.


As part of its social initiatives and community support, Hexacta joins as a sponsor to ‘Including Technologies’ (TINC for its acronym in Spanish), an event organized by the Chamber of Software and Information Services (CESSI) and its DANE Project –from which Hexacta is part of– that aims to promote inclusive education for people with disabilities through the use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

The meeting, which will take place on October 20 at the ‘Ciudad Cultural Konex’ in Buenos Aires, is designed for programmers, graphic designers, entrepreneurs, managers of Corporate Social Responsibility, teachers and the community in general, to discuss how technology can offer a more independent life for people with disabilities. The event’s agenda will include lectures and talks on how to reduce the digital gap and it will present some successful cases of inclusive businesses and advances of the DANE Project for the development of mobile applications for people with disabilities.

At TINC, attendees will also share the experiences of leaders who have challenged the paradigms using information and communication technologies in education, and at the same time, it will be the stage to generate a network of contacts who are committed to a more inclusive society.

DANE Project: including ICT in education

ICT and educationDANE Project is an initiative that seeks to provide a new way to teach content to children and young people with intellectual disabilities, providing software solutions and approaching computer technology and Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) to them. In this way, technological projects are generated (mobile applications) to simplify the development and learning of these groups to improve their quality of life and contribute to their social inclusion.

Hexacta, as part of its commitment to Argentina’s society and education, has been collaborating for years with the DANE Project through various actions: relieving new apps with professionals that work in disabilities, developing new applications, and performing apps’ maintenances that were developed by other companies or universities.

‘Including Technologies’ (TINC) emerged from the commitment of DANE Project to encourage an inclusive society and it is the first event of Argentina that seeks to promote four areas: Technology, Education, Disability, and Inclusion.

Admission to the event is free. For further information and registration, click here.

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