Associations and Non Profit Organizations

The world of non-profit organizations is large and diverse. The introduction of technology has not only helped these organizations better formalize and execute traditional business processes such as fundraising, training and membership management, but also generate key statistical and management information.

Associations and Nonprofit Organizations (NPO) have become more tech-savvy, sophisticated and complex. This is creating a need for special solutions that will meet unique niche activities, critical to the success in a constantly changing world.

Hexacta provides software and services designed specifically for nonprofit organizations. This enables them to improve operational efficiency, build strong relationships with donors and partners, and improve the management of their budget to support their missions.

areas of expertise

  • Fundraising and associates CRM
  • Membership systems solution
  • Web portals and collaboration tools
  • Requirement analysis and development
  • Software development
  • E-commerce


Client Success Stories


Hexacta's philosophy is to integrate teams with their client in each project, and to acquire deep knowledge of their business processes, becoming true technical partners. This was exactly the kind of partner we were seeking. Working with Hexacta has been an excellent experience for everyone involved.