Financial Services

The world of financial markets is complex. Global markets, regulations, volatility, consolidation and competition call for new strategies based on technology, with highly reliable fast responses.

Shrink-wrapped systems can be a good answer for small to medium-sized companies and for departmental applications. However, as business processes become more intricate, a tailored software strategy usually provides better results in terms of increased productivity, lower costs and smoother implementation.

Hexacta has extensive industry expertise helping clients to cut software development costs and expanding potential to match their business opportunities.

Areas of expertise

  • Financial Services Software Products
  • Investment and Asset Management
  • Sales and Trading
  • Private Banking & Wealth Management
  • Retail Banking
  • Insurance


Client Success stories


With this development we jumped many barriers and we demonstrated that things that seemed impossible could be done.

Hexacta really understood our Private Banking business and what we needed from them. Because of that, they were creative and flexible. But they were also rigorous to implement a very complex solution without deflections of terms and costs.