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Oil and Gas

Leveraging innovative technology to improve productivity and lower costs.

Oil and Gas companies are coming to understand the need for flexibility. Companies processing oil and natural gas have always needed to be focused on profitability, product quality, growth, availability, and risk management.

In order to be one step ahead of the Oil and Gas industry's changes and challenges, such as quality improvement, risk management, and compliance with environmental regulations, companies need to be abreast of new technologies and systems that can help them to optimize processes, minimize expenses, and increase productivity.

Global competition for depleting resources continues to drive the need to lower operating costs and increase finding and recovery rates.

Hexacta has extensive experience developing cross-platform, technology-intensive, front and back-end business solutions for the energy industry, enhancing decision-making processes by developing database solutions with the best and latest methodologies in the market.

Our engineers use the latest industry methodologies and technologies that ensure rapid availability and integration with existing systems. All this allows decision-making data in remote locations and their consolidation, generating reports and real-time projections.

Areas of expertise

  • Requirement analysis and development
  • Software development
  • Code and database optimization
  • Software Training and Support
  • Complex system deployment
  • Mobile technology


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The natural gas processing and transportation business demands, among other things, trust and availability of the systems that support the operation.