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The retail and consumer goods industries are permanently changing, where customers’ expectations, supply chain intricacy, and government regulations are continually increasing.

The retail industry is now more competitive, challenging, and demanding than ever. Not only is it evolving in leaps and bounds, but it is also aligned with consumer demands. From clothing sales to food companies, the industry is as wide as it is complex.

The retail and consumer goods industries are permanently competing against one another in a highly complex marketplace, where customers' expectations, supply chain intricacy, and government regulations are constantly increasing. Also, technology is continuously evolving with higher time-to-market needs.

In this scenario, the correct management of inventories, the optimization of internal processes, and the proper functioning of the supply chain, among others, are essential elements to guarantee productivity.

Besides this, retailers need to offer unique shopping experiences, both in-store and online, while shoppers expect more personalized services and new experiences, anytime, anywhere.

Hexacta has extensive experience providing services to improve operations efficiency, optimize logistics, and increase the speed of distribution to drive revenue upwards, improve revenue margins, and maximize capital efficiency.

Areas of expertise

  • E-commerce
  • Web portals and collaboration tools
  • Mobile technology solutions
  • Requirement analysis and development
  • Software development
  • Complex system deployment
  • Large database management
  • Legacy systems integration


Client Success stories



Hexacta professionals are among the best suppliers with whom I worked with. Working with Hexacta has been a qualitative ramp up with suppliers. Hexacta´s team stand out by its precise punctuality, high quality work, excellent communication and efficiency. Finally, they went beyond the party agreement and they proposed new changes that added value to the project.


We are very pleased with the work of the team and I think that its contribution was of great value for the project.

Philip Morris International

Working with Hexacta we found a team that works closely with clients to achieve high quality products, adapting to changing needs and challenges of the business.


As a differential value of the mentoring done with Hexacta we highlight the understanding of our needs and their experience to help us make the best decisions in a broad and complex area such as development methodologies.