Infographic: benefits of outsourcing to a nearshore software company

Infographic: benefits of outsourcing to a nearshore software company

Are you thinking of hiring a nearshore software company? Here, we outline the main benefits nearshore outsourcing development can bring to your company!

Outsourcing IT software development has become a popular option for worldwide companies of diverse sizes and industries. However, the challenge arises when having to choose between nearshore, onshore, and offshore.

Here, we will take a closer look at what nearshore outsourcing development is and the benefits that make it stand out from the rest of the outsourcing models.

What is nearshore outsourcing?

Nearshoring is one of the forms of outsourcing that involves the transfer of IT or business processes to companies in neighboring or nearby countries. In that way, for US companies, a nearshore outsourcing company would be located in South America. For its part, Argentina is making a name for itself as a hub for app development and software engineering.

Benefits of outsourcing to a nearshore software company

In the software development industry, there is a need for constant evolution and reinvention. Those are not differentiators for our competitors but are a mandatory trait of any company that means to be at the top. Having said that, outsourcing software development is the best tool available when it comes to gaining capacity and efficiency when your business needs a boost.

Many companies have turned to nearshoring due to the following key benefits.

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1.  Closer proximity

In terms of software development, geographical proximity is a huge benefit, as travel times and costs will be much lower than offshore locations. When your outsourced team is close to your office, it is easier and cheaper to have in-person meetings as nearshore destinations provide easy access and short travel periods. This facilitates communication and collaboration and avoids wasting valuable time that can be used to focus on your core business.

2.  Same time zones

Time zone compatibility is definitely one of the most significant nearshore outsourcing pluses for individuals managing an external team.  Managing the same time zones allows you to engage with your team during regular business hours and have real-time conversations. This not only saves you from losing sleep or having irregular work schedules but also makes daily huddles easier, allowing you to have higher quality in your deliverables.

It ends up being a win-win for everyone, improving collaboration from both parts and making communication much more straightforward and convenient.

3.  Similar culture, mindset, and language

Young man working in his laptop having a callEngaging with a team with a similar culture and mindset and a shared language is one of the key advantages of outsourcing with a nearshore software company. Having highly proficient and fluent professionals in English is an advantage that enables the external team to integrate with your existing team quickly and with no complications.

4.  Cost reduction

Another advantage of hiring a nearshore software company is that travel expenses and other hidden costs are reduced due to geographical proximity and ease of communication. Outsourcing companies already provide the equipment, facilities, and technical experts you need to accomplish your goals, so you don’t need to worry about these kinds of costs. You can also eliminate your IT recruiting and training budget since the outsourcing company takes care of these processes.

5.  Better and frequent communication

Having full access to a bilingual community of engineers facilitates communication and reduces misunderstandings that may lead to costly errors. It will also add value to your team’s discussions.

6.  Access to a large talent pool of experts

Nearshore software development gives you the ability to acquire talent that otherwise you wouldn’t have access to. You work with skilled software experts that know how to align technology and resources with your needs and goals and have the tech talent your business requires.

7.  Greater efficiency

With nearshore outsourcing, you can access a dedicated team of developers ready to provide IT services based on your specific needs. The results are speedy operations and increased productivity, staying ahead of your competitors, and making it possible for the project to be launched within the right timeframe.

8.  Easy team integration

hands holding each other in sign of unityWorking with a team with a similar culture, time zone, and language makes it possible for the outsourced team to integrate with your in-house team quickly. Communication and collaboration also end up being more fluid, making the transfer of knowledge easier so the external team learns and adapts to the processes and speeds on the details you need.

9.  Focus on your core business

Nearshore outsourcing helps you focus on your critical areas of activity and business instead of having to spend time worrying about software and infrastructure needs. In that way, outsourcing frees up your time so that you can concentrate on what matters.

10. Acquire scalable & flexible resources

For companies wanting to grow and scale smartly, nearshore software outsourcing is an excellent option as it lets businesses get what they need when they need it. Having immediate access to IT resources is definitely a significant gain.

11. Access to new technologies

Working with specialists and software engineers means having access to technological innovation. When outsourcing to a nearshore software development, you work with a development team that is at the forefront of the latest trending technologies and methodologies. Moreover, the software company will continuously look for diversifying its set of skills.

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To sum up

I found something very interesting in the 2020 Deloitte survey. It highlights an opinion that suggests, “Clients don’t need classic vendor management. They want vendor management that can understand technology, understand the start-up ecosystem, help find solutions for the business, and manage internal stakeholders.” We genuinely believe that this is what outsourcing software development services to a nearshore company is all about.

Clients expect reliable partnerships and long-term commercial deals that help their businesses grow according to global needs and technology advances, and by having the right tech partner to do so, they will walk toward that goal smoothly.

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