Java development services

We have a long history of building and integrating applications in every framework and available application server.

We specialize in the development of business solutions based on the Java platform and have a long history of building and integrating applications in every framework and available application server.

We are continuously seeing enterprises of all sizes and industries outsource their software needs to nearshore Java development companies that provide effective and powerful solutions to help them deal with real-world challenges and facilitate technological changes.

Organizations are constantly looking for a technology solution that promotes excellence in business and enables their digital transformation, and Java software development is definitely one of them. In recent years, this programming language has emerged as one of the most popular and preferred among software developers and businesses around the world, making it an excellent choice when it comes to outsourcing.

Java framework is an object-oriented and platform-independent language used to develop web-based, desktop, and mobile applications. It has a great reputation for its reliability and scalability, and because of its cross-platform capabilities, it is the ideal technology for building robust and secure Java software solu tions.

At Hexacta, we work with a dedicated team of Java software engineers and developers ready to help achieve our clients’ business goals. Our solid technological and business domain providing Java development services allows us to deliver web-based, desktop, and mobile applications tailored to any business's specific requirements and ensures the best time-to-market and the most efficient cost of maintenance.

Benefits of Java software development services


Java has a well-designed reach API and a large ecosystem of libraries and frameworks that make it very easy to design, implement, and deploy your application to speed up development and launch times.
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Distributed computing

As a distributed language, Java technologies are designed to support the involvement of several computers under a single network.

Platform Independence

Java’s portability offers the comfort of a writing program once and running on any hardware and software platform, opening the possibility of moving easily from one computer system to another.
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Java is said to be one of the most reliable and powerful languages. It has compilers that can identify every single type of error in the coding. There are also other features, like exception handling and garbage collection, which make Java a more reliable platform.


Java software considers security as part of its design. The Java language, compiler, interpreter, and runtime environment were developed with security in mind.
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Areas of Expertise in custom Java development services

  • Software product development, version one
  • Software product evolution
  • Software re-engineering
  • Software quality assurance & testing
  • Testing automation
  • Continuous integration
  • Architecture & design
  • Cloud computing
  • Project recovery
  • Mobile applications

As a Java software development company with decades of experience in the market, we are committed to building robust, secure, and high-quality Java applications that support the user’s demands.


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Responsive, business oriented, well-structured and with a good quality at each release, the dedicated Hexacta team has been a good partner to achieve our various goals on this project. Thus, I want to thank everyone in Hexacta who has been involved in this success.

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