Hexacta Labs 2021 is around the corner, a free online course for anyone who wants to learn how to develop their own app.

Like every year, Hexacta has launched a new edition of Hexacta Labs, a 100% free online training course that allows participants to learn how to develop an app at their own pace.

In this edition, the challenge will be to create an app about stock management of products from an airport duty-free shop. For this challenge, you will have the opportunity to learn about and use a modern technological stack that goes hand in hand with what the industry is currently demanding: Net. Core and React.

The training lasts 4 weeks and consists of four parts.  In each one of them, participants will have help spaces provided by Hexacta’s coaches in order to give follow-up and support during the process.

The initial kick-off will take place on the 15th of November. This course has limited capacity, and participants can register until November 8th, so don’t miss it!

To register for the Hexacta Labs 2021, complete the form here:

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