Key benefits of outsourcing your mobile app development

Key benefits of outsourcing your mobile app development

Not sure why you should outsource your mobile app development? Here we outline 5 top benefits that will really convince you.

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Almost everyone owns a smartphone, tablet, or some other mobile device nowadays. And in this fast-moving digital era, people are constantly connected to them, using them for almost everything you can imagine. Travel app usage, for example, has grown 90% since 2015, according to Global Web Index report. The way users navigate has changed. The world has shifted from PCs to mobile devices. That is a reality.

The fact that mobile devices have become so important in recent years has consequently led to a revolution in mobile apps, which rapidly began to replace websites and other types of platforms. They seem to have conquered every area of our life and business, and it is vital for companies to know how to take advantage of it.

The revolution of mobile apps

The numbers speaks for themselves. According to research published by Statista, in 2018, global mobile app revenues amounted to over $365 billion dollars, while in 2023, they project to generate more than $935 billion in revenues via paid downloads and in-app advertising. Other research predicts that by 2022, consumers in the US will spend over $34 billion dollars on mobile apps via app stores.

Of course, these facts have caught the attention of many companies who have seen apps as a business opportunity to increase their sales and productivity as well as software development companies who, some time ago, offered basic outsourcing services. In order to face this challenge and not be left behind, companies were forced to meet the mobile demand by adapting their services and offering mobile app development.

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Benefits of having a mobile app for your business

Seeing all these trends, we can be certain about one thing: The demand for mobile app development will continue to grow even more in the near future. Therefore, if your company has not made this mobile switch yet, here we list four reasons why you should start considering it.

  1. Sales increase: This serves as a tool to attract and retain your potential clients. The different functionalities that can be added can attract and motivate users to buy your products or services more easily.

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  1. Easy information gathering: Adding simple contact forms and surveys in the mobile application can help you get the required client information you need, always in a friendlier and less intrusive way. It also saves time for users as they don’t have to physically submit the documents.
  1. Improve brand visibility: Apps are a great marketing tool to grab the attention of the target audience and improve the overall visibility of the business. People now prefer to look up what they are interested in on their smartphones, since it is something they have on hand all the time.
  1. Fast delivery and offline functionality: Compared to websites, mobile apps usually load faster, are more interactive, and easier to navigate. What is more, many features can be usually used even without internet connectivity.

Now that we clearly understand some advantages mobile apps can bring, let’s get to the point. Whether you are looking to create an app for your own customers or your company’s employees, outsourcing this type of service is definitely a good option to consider. But, why? Here we explain it in more detail.

Why you should outsource your mobile app development

Once an app idea has been devised and the company is ready to get started, you will probably wonder what the next step is or who you should turn to. Although many businesses believe they can handle this process on their own, the truth is that it is so much better to leave it to the experts while you focus on your daily tasks.

Some of the assets that outsourcing mobile app development services can introduce to your business strategy are the following:

Cost and time savings

As mobile app development is a process limited in time, outsourcing might save you time and money. If you hire a full-time, in-house development team to work on your app, it is likely that the project would only take a few months to complete; therefore, you would have to pay team members who may not have any tasks assigned once the project ends.

By doing it externally instead, you will only hire and pay for the creation of your app. There is no need to spend time, effort, and money on the recruitment and training process, which means more cost savings. In other words, the internal issues fall on the third party’s shoulders.

Quality product

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One of the principal advantages is that you ensure work of high quality and speed because of years of experience in the outsourcing software industry. Software firms working on outsourced projects depend on professionally qualified designers, developers, and testers that have already worked on several different projects.

Better processes and practices

The majority of remote development teams have the advantage of incorporating the best practices into mobile app development, as well as working with a client-focused mindset and high-quality standards.

Faster work pace

Usually, a nearshore IT company has multiple projects running simultaneously. Therefore, work is distributed among different team members so that the project can be rapidly concluded. This allows the consulting firm to develop an app at a fast pace, while with an in-house team, this could take longer time.

Less stress and risks factors

When your app development is outsourced, a wide range of risks are reduced, not only avoiding the stressful dynamics that are involved with it. Although there is always someone within the company keeping track of what is being made and ensuring that timelines are met – usually the Project Manager –, many responsibilities are taken away when working with a partner.

All the risks that would normally become your responsibility are now passed on. This allows you to concentrate elsewhere instead of continuously worrying about unexpected obstacles and complications that may appear.

To Sum up

To keep up with digital transformation and not to be out of step with new trends, it is essential for companies to develop their own mobile apps. No matter the size of the enterprise, nowadays, everything goes around mobile. And when it comes to deciding who will be in charge of the project, the expert’s hands are the best option to take.

Many businesses have already leaned towards this way of working and have proven their effectiveness. It is just about being mobile and taking a big step!

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