Key Notes from World Retrospective Day hosted at Hexacta

Key Notes from World Retrospective Day hosted at Hexacta

Recently, Hexacta participated as organizer, where people from 69 different cities worldwide gathered around the same subject. Read about what happened in this global event.

Key Notes from World Retrospective Day hosted at Hexacta

In the past few days, fans, beginners, and experts in the Agile world came together for World Retrospective Day, an online event that aimed to discuss and debate about one of the most important Agile practices: the Retrospective.

As it states, “Follow the Sun as we Retrospect Around the World”, the event was done simultaneously in 69 cities around the world and focused on the most important ritual of the Agile culture: the safe place where the team meets, at the end of each Sprint, analyzing what has been done, sharing the positive elements and the ones that could be improved, empowering what is right, and helping to continuously become better in what they do.

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We talked with Pablo Pecora, the Hexacta Manager that hosted and co-organized the encounter, and here is what he told us:

What experience did you have at World Retrospective Day?

Key Notes from World Retrospective Day hosted at Hexacta

It was, overall, a great experience. We have never hosted an international event like this at Hexacta before. It was challenging and fun at the same time.

What I liked the most was the event vibe: the people were really focused and full of energy. The climate was also positive, and the interaction and networking were enriching. One of the most important things above all was that I saw everyone having fun.

The “gaming” approach and the exercises that were focused on people’s participation and teamwork gave this event an unusual and innovative profile.

Which topics did you find more valuable or likely to share? 

I liked the twists of the ballpoint game, which is a simple game that sets a scenario that keeps on changing, but the Retrospective gives power to the different groups not only to overcome the problems but keeps on improving. The kind of thinking out of the box and synergy that each group achieved in a short time was surprising and amazing.

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Key Notes from World Retrospective Day hosted at Hexacta

How was it organized? 

There was always communication with organizers in other cities, and a lot of ideas were shared across groups. The main idea was to leave the Retrospective talks and subjects open to each community’s/city’s decisions.

We organized it with people from several consultants and Agile coaching companies that both work with and love to promote the Agile values.

We started several months in advance to organize it together. It was a great experience.

How did you tackle the different experience/knowledge of the participants in an event like this? 

As always, participants had different experiences and diverse knowledge about the topic. An activity of open groups – an agile approach that I particularly love – let each participant choose small groups and topics and move between them where they felt that the talk was more enriching, interesting, or comfortable.

The games that we hosted aimed at letting the participants give their opinion no matter their background. Every opinion counts and every opinion led the participants to enrich discussions. We found that there was a place for opinions and growth for everyone.

What was the main idea that the participants took from this event?

Key Notes from World Retrospective Day hosted at Hexacta

I would like to think that World Retrospective day helped every participant to pay attention and be enthusiastic about Retros. From new ways and techniques of doing the Retrospective – taken from the Give Me a Retro talk – to emphasizing the importance of the Retrospective issue follow up and how to do it the right way, to the carefully developed Beer Retrospective approach by a self-made team in the gathering.

I’m certain that all these lessons helped to improve the Agile process and culture and particularly, our beloved Agile ritual: the Scrum Retrospectives.

World Retrospective Day is a volunteer-based, globally coordinated effort to share in the power of Retrospectives. As one of the hosts, Hexacta received over 40 people in its office in Buenos Aires.

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