We understand that our clients’ success is about more than software, it is about understanding their business needs.


Hexacta is different from your typical software outsourcing company. We are committed to impact like no other. We know there are no shortcuts. Excellent work requires excellent people, so we go the extra mile to hire and motivate the best talent in the region.”


“Besides having the best talent and a constant concern for continuous improvement, we are enthusiastic about what we do. This allows us to have a high level of commitment with our clients in each one of our projects and, also, maintain a high degree of motivation in our people. We love our work.”


”We are convinced that what makes us a great company is providing training and taking care of our people, our most valued resource. We make a difference, not only because of the high-quality standard of our products and services but also because of the human quality and professionalism of those who make it happen.”

Javier López de Lagar

“I’m really proud of being part of a company that stands out from the rest like Hexacta, which was founded on solid grounds since its beginnings and keeps growing on a daily basis. As Partner and Head of Operations in the United States, I keep working on the path we decided to follow from day one. We are convinced that being close to our clients in this market presents a great opportunity for continuing our growth.”

Martín Hojman

“We have a proven model for near-shore partnering that is based both on our technical expertise and on the flexibility to adjust to our clients’ needs. No matter the distance, our teams are committed to understanding the business context and constraints, developing the solution that adds the most value.”

Juan Carlos Terragno

“Clients not only seek for great technical skills in a vendor, they also benefit from successful communication, deep business understanding, and a strong commitment. In Hexacta we understand this and we strive to achieve all those goals through critical thinking, defined but ever-evolving methodologies, talented people, and a healthy leadership with a strong focus on customer satisfaction and team motivation.”


"Our constant commitment to developing talent for the software industry is what keeps me motivated. I believe we are on the right path. Listening to our customers talk about the technical excellence and human values of our teams makes me feel very proud."

Matías Bergengruen

"More than 20 years of experience give us a solid understanding of business processes, instruments, trends, and software engineering best practices."