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Mobile is redefining our lives and the way we do business.

We exploit the potential of mobile devices with our solutions. We improve the efficiency of different organizations by facilitating the execution of tasks that, with today's technology, can be performed without the need for a PC.

All industries, beyond technology or media companies, have already changed the way they work and engage their clients. Banks, shipping, financial, medical, and retail corporations, among others, have also become mobile.

Our team constantly researches new technologies, platforms, and devices, offering clients quick results through software solutions. Our effort is focused on developing innovative mobile applications and user interfaces that are able to run across multiple devices and platforms.

We have vast experience in both native technologies such as Android and IOS, and hybrid technologies like Javascript, HTML5, Ionic, and AngularJS. That allows us to help our clients by creating engaging mobile experiences, taking advantage of responsive design methods, designing consistent look-and-feel, and user experience across different devices and mobile platforms. Our expertise and flexibility allow us to manage projects of different sizes and complexities.

What used to be revolutionary is now part of the status quo, and we are committed to being one step ahead: To be prepared for what is new and what is relevant.


  • Constant adaptation is a requirement for this changing reality.
  • Multi-device and multi-technology solutions are a challenge.
  • Security and scalability are priorities.
  • Bringing a fast and comfortable experience for users is a must.

What we do

  1. Mobile User Experience. We help our clients to create engaging mobile experiences for a specific audience, combining a deep knowledge in the different platforms and an expert team of designers and product owners. All of them will work next to our clients to define functionalities and specific characteristics to reach their audiences effectively.
  2. Mobile Development. We are experts combining both native and HTML5 technologies, leveraging responsive design methods, and establishing a consistent user experience across different devices. Our hybrid solutions reduce time-to-market and enable cross-platform portability, reusing pre-built web components, or building and sharing web content across platforms and device configurations.
  3. Mobile First Web Design. We create effective websites specially designed for every mobile phone screen, with focus on usability and a successful look and feel.
  4. Mobile Strategy. We work with your company to successfully enter the mobile world by minimizing waiting times and return of investment.


Apple iOS


Blackberry OS

Windows Phone


Swift, Objective-C, C, RubyMotion

Java, Groovy





Android Studio

BB Java Eclipse Plug-in

Visual Studio, Windows Phone







Apple App Store

Google Play

BlackBerry App World

Windows Phone Marketplace

Areas of expertise

  • Web and Native Mobile Development
  • Integration
  • Mobile Technology Adoption
  • Consulting


Client Success stories



Responsive, business oriented, well-structured and with a good quality at each release, the dedicated Hexacta team has been a good partner to achieve our various goals on this project. Thus, I want to thank everyone in Hexacta who has been involved in this success.