5 nearshore software development benefits

5 nearshore software development benefits

Are you thinking whether outsourcing your software needs could be the most convenient choice for your business or if it could, in contrast, mean an unattainable Return of Investment (ROI)? Take note and do not miss out on how you can get the most out of this decision.

5 nearshore software development benefits

Putting together an autonomous and empowered software team that flows naturally is a challenging task.

This is why making the decision that development work will no longer be done with an in-house team, but through an external one (with a nearshore/offshore software company), may create more doubts than certainties. How could I let a third party handle part of my business?

In spite of the concerns regarding results and the impact of this decision, it is essential that we remember some advantages and perks that explain why outsourcing software development is a smart choice.

1. Rapid onset of development

If you’ve already made the call to hire a nearshore software development team for the development of a product, there is basically no need to wait to start. Having said this, in a time frame no longer than three weeks, the first Sprint will be completed with a working team that already has enough knowledge to handle the new project.

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On the other hand, when an in-house development team is established, it is a whole different situation. Generally, before starting, it is necessary to arrange intern or administrative management inherent to a corporate environment, explore the working market in search of professionals, adapt offices to locate employees, and discuss the company’s politics that can adapt to what the market is offering to professionals, among other tasks that can not wait. When it is all over, several months could have gone by, and the development of the product hasn’t been initiated yet.

The agility at the beginning of the development tasks is one of the greatest benefits of outsourcing these kinds of services with companies highly trained in this subject.

2. Ability to manage team growth

One of the main advantages of outsourcing software development with a nearshore company is the possibility to strengthen the team as they reach the objectives.

The average size of a team that is starting a project is generally from 4 to 8 developers, who simultaneously take between 2 to 3 weeks to begin the project. It is important to plan if there is a need for a faster growth of the teams, in order to withstand the learning curve.

An often-used strategy when starting a project with an external team is to define a project with low priority and with a specific scope so that the working team is known and its capacity to handle the task, make decisions, and work autonomously is clear.

Once this works, the team can be quickly reassigned to work on that project that is key to the business core.

3. Access to diverse technologies

5 nearshore software development benefits

Generally, when working with an in-house team, technological knowledge is defined and solutions are adapted to existing knowledge, but when technical specifications or specific skills are required that teams do not have, it demands a lot of time in the training and learning.

Due to the nature of its work, software factories have a higher exposure to diverse technologies, which eases decision making in favor of what is best for the business instead of being adrift, depending on the limitations (cutting edge technical skills and knowledge) that the existing team has. The incorporation of a nearshore/offshore team helps fill the gaps inside the current team, while simultaneously encouraging them to diversify their set of skills.

Furthermore, nearshore companies with experience in Agile software development know-how to avoid common design and development mistakes, which promotes time-saving and greater productivity, making it possible for the project to be launched into the market within the right timeframe.

4. Good practices and quick understanding of the business

Software development is no longer just writing a code, but it remains an important part in the task.

An outsourcing team, with experience and focus on software development, knows methodologies, processes, and the industry where their business belongs. This, along with practice and knowledge in different technologies, generates practices and skills in the outsourcing teams that ease the beginning of a project. Besides, these teams are capable of facing technical and business challenges with higher precision.

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Generally, problems are not repeated between one project and another one. This is why the tools and abilities that the nearshore team has in order to design and implement the best solution will have the greatest value.

5. Teams and processes support

Another great advantage of working with a nearshore company, with software expertise, is that the assigned team is usually backed up by a Research and Development team (R&D), an experienced CTO, and colleagues that have surely encountered similar challenges before.

Likewise, there are complementary teams that conduct technical audits, offer methodological support, or push for the improvement in development processes and the use of technologies. When a nearshore company depends on these kinds of groups, throughout the whole business, it is guaranteed that the hired development is in good hands and that the teams work on thinking about quality and optimization of productivity.

To Sum Up

5 nearshore software development benefits

Leaning on a tech partner is a good option for having the knowledge and the professionals working in development and solutions that will help grow your business.

Working in a team with a nearshore software development company is the ideal alternative when there is no availability of professionals internally with a certain set of skills, when the time to go out to market has a short window, or when it is necessary to focus efforts on other key areas of your company.

Without a doubt, we are facing a reality that does not discriminate against sectors, economies, or industries: New devices are being born, technologies are changing, and new opportunities are arising and emerging. We have been witnesses of these changes when we saw the appearance of desktop and mobile applications, then when the web was born, Big Data, and through time, when we welcomed architectures orientated to microservices, to the DevOps movement, Artificial Intelligence, and Machine Learning.

The ecosystem changes constantly; it is changing right now in front of our eyes, and we must be ready to battle all of these fronts and not get off track at any moment.

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