.Net Development Services

Our .NET developers are always aware of the latest trends to provide our clients with innovative software development solutions.


We are experts in designing and building different types of .NET applications. We build our client’s software based on a flexible and robust architecture capable of supporting changes demanded by users.

.NET is an open source developer platform used to build a wide range of software from web to mobile to Windows-based applications. The main aspects of this platform that stand out are that it allows the development of cross-platform software, and it uses language interoperability, thereby letting developers write applications using different programming languages.

.NET application development is continually evolving, as it is the entire, large Microsoft development infrastructure. For that reason, our .NET developers are always aware of the latest trends to provide our clients with innovative software development solutions for their business.

Why choose a .NET development company

We have a development team with solid experience in software programming using several Microsoft development technologies such as ASP.NET, WinForms, and Xamarin, among others. We employ experienced software development professionals — including Microsoft Certified specialists — who are ready to invest their knowledge to generate the best .NET application development for our clients.

.NET platform offers numerous advantages for both developers and end-clients.

Here we lay out the reasons why you should trust your desktop, web, or mobile needs to a nearshore .NET development company.

Why .NET technology


NET technology provides a highly secure and safe environment. It uses various security mechanisms to keep the application protected and prevent critical issues from altering the compiled code.
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As a cross-platform and a multiple language technology, the .NET applications can run on different
platforms and be written in different languages such as C#, F#, or Visual Basic.  Relying on .NET development services guarantees the experienced outsourcing company will choose the language that is
best suited for your project.

Stability & Scalability

.NET applications easily scale with the overall requirements of the business needs. This means your software application can grow and evolve as your business grows without the necessity of reinvesting in the software.
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.NET platform offers a development ecosystem based on one consistent set of APIs that allows for building high quality applications quickly, thereby saving time and money. Features like generics, asynchronous programming, and Language Integrated Query (LINQ) make developers highly productive.

High Performance

.NET applications are very fast. They provide better response times and require less computer power than any other popular framework.
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Areas of expertise in .NET development services

  • .NET web application and services development (based on ASP.NET)
  • .NET mobile application development (based on Xamarin)
  • .NET desktop application development (based on WinForms)
  • Migration of both desktop and web applications to .NET platform
  • Legacy .NET applications updating, enhancement, and support
  • .NET Cloud Applications

Ready to outsource .NET development and get the best out of this technology?

Our development cycle is based on the expertise of over several national and international projects, and it ensures the best time-to-market and the most efficient cost of maintenance. Our .Net developers team offers you globally recognized .NET development services.



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Client Success stories



It has been an excellent experience. Should an opportunity become available to work with Hexacta in the future, I would welcome it!


Hexacta team showed up relevant Java development skills with a test-driven approach. We were impressed with the communication skills of their team lead, who spent a short time on-site. They held our product owners to high standards by asking for clear acceptance criteria, and their tests provided us with a clear understanding of the state of the product. Overall, they were a pleasure to work with.