.NET lectures at Hexacta Labs

.NET lectures at Hexacta Labs

Hexacta Labs opens a new cycle of free classes to university students as an initiative to make a contribution to the academic community, especially for those looking for their first job.

On its fourth edition, the classes will focus on .NET, giving future professionals an approach to web applications through practical classes in ASP.NET MVC4.

.NET lectures at Hexacta Labs

Each Tuesday and Thursday from October 29th to November 14th, students in the last years of System Engineering of all universities are invited to participate in .NET lectures given by Hexacta’s professionals.

The company has been immersed in the educational culture from the beginning; getting involved in future professional lives and making them part of the industry. Dynamic practices, group activities and the analysis of concrete cases are practices that add value and contribute significantly to develop students’ abilities.

The course is totally free and students must register on our web site and wait for our response only to be considered as class members.

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