Outsourcing Software Development: Tips for success in 2021

Outsourcing Software Development: Tips for success in 2021

Outsourcing software development has become the new normal for worldwide industries. If you are looking for outsourcing this 2021, here we give you some useful tips that will help you select the right partner.

Hexacta's office at Buenos AiresSoftware development has been important for many businesses, as many business works can be managed through mobile or web apps or a business portal. Hence, building IT solutions is essential for any business nowadays in terms of productivity, efficiency, and saving costs. However, outsourcing software development from a local agency can cost you higher, and sometimes, results are also not up to the mark.

Many software development firms are around us, but businesses often make mistakes and end up disappointed in their in-house software project. In that case, outsourcing software development is a better option. However, many companies are concerned about making (or not) the decision of outsourcing software development projects due to their costs, but in most cases, those rates are significantly lower than the local development companies are.

In this article, I will give some tips for outsourcing software development to help budding businesses. But before that, let’s discuss why you should go for software development outsourcing!

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Why Go for Outsourcing Software Development

Here are some reasons for outsourcing software development with a nearshore team:

1. Enhances Product Quality

Outsourcing a software building team boosts the final product’s quality. The team can have dedicated resources for quality and testing assurance to make sure that the ultimate product is consistent for a better user experience.

2. Saves Money and Time

Almost 70% of all businesses outsource software development for reducing cost objectives. Employing in-house developers can be costly as you will use resources to train, scout, and onboard new employees. So, when you employ an outsourced team, you can save more on the hiring costs. Moreover, you won’t have to invest in training them or office supplies.

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3. Better Focus on Main Business Processes

Your in-house team also enjoys the benefits of outsourcing software development. You can lower the workload for your internal technical team by handing over time-consuming projects to a third-party vendor. As your outsourced team doesn’t need any extra guidance, your workers can concentrate on projects that contribute directly to business development.

4. Access to the Latest Technology and Global Experts

Person writing and using its computerWhile looking for talents, you are not location-limited with outsourcing. Rather, you get access to expert and well-qualified software engineers capable of managing your software projects or IT needs. Moreover, these organizations have expanded tech expertise by working with different types of clients.

Outsourced teams have access to the industry-best software development tools for dealing with all projects and clients. This helps them adapt to your requirements easily. Moreover, these teams may also follow DevOps or Agile development methods that make them more efficient and productive. These procedures help accelerate on-time delivery, helping your organization boost its technical capacity quickly.

Furthermore, as the outsourced company may have unique and exclusive ideas on making your product better, it can cause more innovation. In fact, they might recommend new methods for fixing current business issues.

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Now that you know why you should opt for outsourcing software development, let me give you some outsourcing tips for 2021!

Tips for Outsourcing Software Development for 2021

Over the past few decades, software development outsourcing has encountered huge growth. Maximum worldwide organizations outsource several IT functions!

Below are some useful pieces of advice to help you select the right partner and guarantee you the outsourcing decision will be a clever idea for your business growth:

1. Define Your Requirements Clearly

First, you should decide your work requirement properly for outsourcing a software or app development project. By clearly determine what you need, it will become simpler to find the best technologies or methodology to work with, which will best fit your business needs and expectations.

2. Make a List of Technologies

After deciding your requirements, make a list of all the technologies you can choose. You can decide on databases, front-end technologies, hosting servers, backend technologies, etc. When you decide what technologies to choose, you will get precise costs and the duration of the development project. In addition, making a list of technologies will make it simpler to find your outsourcing partner.

In case your company doesn’t have a dedicated team with knowledge in software development technologies, make sure the future partner will offer you deep knowledge in these fields. Bear in mind what technologies, projects, and clients the outsourcing company has worked with.

3. Check Genuine Company Reviews Online

Business man pointing a five stars over a windowWhile shortlisting a team for developing your software product, you need to check its business reviews online. Moreover going to their corporate websites, LinkedIn profiles, or any other social media, one great option is to search for genuine reviews on trustworthy websites that gather companies’ information as well as provides authentic reviews from clients.

Searching for honest and positive evaluations is crucial because you need to ensure that the software development firm you are employing has made the businesses of its clients simpler with their software building solutions.

4. Discuss Project Development Time and Costs

After deciding on the software development company for your next project, it’s time for discussing the costs and time for the project and making everything clear about it. You need to clearly discuss everything, incorporating your pricing model and all other charges. If everything is transparent and discussed, like app development cost, duration, delivery, and release date, among other factors, you can move forward.

5. Begin with a Trial Project

Before hiring a development firm, you have to be sure about their capacities. Begin by asking the team for working on a test project. Their functionality and performance can help you determine whether you wish to continue with them.

Here are the things you can know about your outsourced team through this trial project:

  • Authenticity – Is your outsourcing partner honest and open about their procedures? Can it deliver projects as per its promises?
  • Communication Skills –Does the outsourcing partner ask necessary questions? Can it follow all your instructions efficiently?
  • Time Handling – Does the outsourced team make its internal deadlines? Can it deliver the work on time?

Conducting a trial project may need you to invest in resources and time. However, it helps you to have a clear idea of how the experience of working together will be.

6. Ask for Post Development Support

This is the final tip for outsourcing software development projects. If it’s possible, ask for post-development assistance from your development partner, whether they offer support via calls, email, or chat. Ensure they offer assistance or in such case, make sure the outsourced company trains your employees properly in solving issues that might appear in the future.

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Bottom Lines

Whether you are a CTO or a small business entrepreneur, outsourcing is one of the simplest ways of saving money and accelerating the software development procedure.

Whether your in-house development team is not enough or not working correctly to accomplish your goals or you need to start from scratch, by outsourcing software development, you won’t have a problem leveraging a skilled workforce to enhance the success rate of your business. So choose the right outsourcing partner and build the product you always dreamt of for your business.

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