Outsourcing Software Development Trends for 2022 

Outsourcing Software Development Trends for 2022 

Here are some of the trends in outsourcing software development that will become significant in 2022 & the upcoming years for organizations. Take a look!

Businesses have accepted outsourcing as a growth strategy, and it is here to stay, as evidenced by its constant rise. The outsourcing sector has increased from a $45.6 billion market to a $92.5 billion one since the year 2000.

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There are countless reasons why a business could outsource software development, but the most common one is a shortage of resources, such as money, time, and engineers. Another reason could be the lack of in-house experience, where companies would prefer to trust in the expertise of other firms with a proven track record in the industry. Another positive is that, more often than not, software development firms focus solely on software development and frequently provide multiple services. Such services may include enhancing a present system or developing a whole new one from the ground up with the client’s input.

Contracting other firms also allows companies to have access to resources such as new technologies, knowledge, and capabilities that would otherwise not be available within the company acquiring the outsourced services. 

Companies constantly seek strategies to reduce their sensitivity to global economic volatility while remaining adaptable, agile, and innovative. As a result, the relationship between businesses and outsourcing firms is significantly evolving. In 2022, software outsourcing is expected to grow even more, with trends in outsourcing software development continuously developing. 

Cloud Services 

The cloud’ services will continue to expand. Because of their minimal overhead and regular payments, many organizations consider cloud services to be an excellent answer. The corporation does not have to acquire pricey gear up-front but may instead invest its resources someplace else. Because of their flexibility and scalability, cloud services have led businesses to adopt them. Users can access information and apps that are available online by using cloud technology. 

Furthermore, because communication is essential in the outsourcing process, cloud-based technology has the potential to streamline the process. Because data is a critical component of the outsourcing sector, cloud-based technology might also aid in the speedy recovery of files in the event of a disaster. This would prevent prolonged downtimes and allow businesses to proceed as usual.  

Another advantage is that employees may safely communicate information thanks to this technology. Cloud-based technology also enables teams to work and collaborate remotely, which brings us exactly to point #2. 

Remote Working 

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Remote working will become increasingly popular, and as time goes by, more industries will adopt it. Businesses will have to restructure their operations. Employers must embrace the change and adapt to the new norm. Since the outbreak, several companies have chosen to recruit remote personnel as this has proved to enhance efficiency and productivity for several firms during the COVID-19 epidemic. Working from the comfort of a home, a co-working space, or anywhere around the world has hitherto been seen as just a luxury. Nowadays, it has become crucial for the majority of individuals as a result of COVID-19. 

Outsourcing is nothing new, and many services and operations may now be conducted remotely by individuals or other firms. As working remotely becomes the new norm, more industries voluntarily adopt the technique. Many organizations, including BPOs, will stick to this system as long as cost-cutting is a goal. Moreover, due to health regulations imposed by the pandemic, some companies may not have enough room for all employees in-office. 

The Global Need for Software Developers is on the Rise. 

In 2022, the need for software developers is likely to rise even more.  Since outsourcing businesses already have enormous pools of developers (and are skilled at identifying the finest ones), they are in a reasonably good position. Sometimes, in-house software development just doesn’t work. Companies that lack technical competence and abilities, on the other hand, have the issue of expanding their developer supply, and that is where outsourcing comes in to satisfy the demand. This isn’t only concerning the United States; organizations all around the world are clamoring for such professionals to join their ranks. 

Data Science and Analytics 

We predict that this trend is likely to continue in the next four to five years since specialized software development businesses focusing on big data and analytics are starting to surface. As more firms choose to outsource their development operations, they will look for software outsourcing companies that specialize in this field to guide them as efficiently as possible. This may also be observed in the rise of data science employment in outsourced software businesses, implying that the need for such services will expand. 

During the late 1990s and early 2000s IT boom, the emphasis was on ‘lifting and shifting’ offline business operations into automatic computer systems. Electronic content production, transactional data processing, and data log streams have all remained constant throughout the last two decades. Businesses are becoming increasingly aware that they are standing on gold mines; gold mines of data! This sudden realization implemented a sense of urgency in analyzing the data and generating a ROI. All of this is reflected in Glassdoor’s reports, which identify the 50 finest jobs in recent history. With a relevantly high score, Data Scientist Jobs gets the top rank for three years in a row (2016 – 2019) and remains in the top three in the years after. 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are Ascendant 

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The world is evolving rapidly, and a significant driver of that transformation is machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI). While ML and AI have certain drawbacks, such as the potential for partiality, exploitation, and other misemployments, they have also opened up possibilities of tackling almost every aspect of business and how we get on with our everyday lives. 

Throughout the pandemic, AI-assisted researchers in developing COVID-19 remedies and vaccines at virtually impossible speeds. It’s also assisting in the treatment of strokes and other ailments that wreak havoc on the healthcare system. On another note, AI is providing data to firefighters in order to aid in the fight against the current wildfires that have engulfed large areas around the world. Companies and their production methods are also benefiting significantly. Organizations are making significant progress in attempting to increase efficiency, optimizing processes, and improving security due to the expertise and automation AI delivers. 

Customers Value High Quality over Low Cost 

Outsourcing was always a more cost-effective option than recruiting full-time employees, and this remains a fact nowadays. Cost, on the other hand, is becoming less significant for businesses making outsourcing selections. 

As per the National Outsourcing Association’s study in 2020, the value of product quality is more important than cutting costs when it comes to outsourcing. In light of that, organizations are increasingly emphasizing customer experience, company expansion and increased security. 


As technology develops, new risks emerge. Cyber-attacks have deteriorated in the course of the COVID-19 pandemic, and the incidence of cybercrime has risen by more than 600% ever since. As a result, information and data security are becoming increasingly crucial. 

In 2022, outsourcing cybersecurity will be a crucial focus. BPO firms would use various levels of protection to reduce threats and safeguard the confidentiality of corporate data. We need to implement a feeling of urgency in cybersecurity and respond rapidly to the rising requirements we confront. Businesses require a trusted partner in order to maintain their security and deliver the necessary services with peace of mind. 

Demand is Gradually Increasing for Blockchain Services 

Blockchain has become paramount. Nowadays, businesses are powered by information and data. The sooner and more precise it is delivered, the more remarkable. Blockchain is excellent for distributing such information because it provides instantaneous, shareable, and entirely transparent data that members can only view with specified permissions. A blockchain network can monitor purchases, payments, balances, production, and a variety of other things. And, since members have a unified perspective of the truth, they can see all aspects of a transaction from start to finish, offering greater confidence as well as new efficiencies and possibilities. 

According to Statista, by 2024, blockchain solutions are predicted to be worth around 18 billion US dollars. Blockchain can have a majestic impact on a business, such as improving transparency and security while also providing multiple funding options. They open up the possibility of smart contracts as well as instant microtransactions. The need for experts is growing in tandem with the increased demand for understanding blockchain technology. However, qualified blockchain specialists are not readily available. As a result, organizations are looking to outsource their software development needs to other firms with professionals that are experts in the field. 

To Wrap Things Up 

Outsourcing software development is critical for a company’s success. Companies that do not want to fall behind have begun to invest time and money in the most recent development trends. Despite the multiple hurdles, businesses cannot keep up with speed and cannot adapt to every digital transition due to a lack of resources and manpower; thus, they choose to outsource. 

To give you yet another boost towards outsourcing software development, we created a short guide with reasons why you should go forward with it. This article will provide you with all of the information you need in order to select the best outsourcing firm. Check it out!  

Contributor: Charlon Muscat

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