"One of the first goals that was set when the company was founded, was to establish an Hexacta quality Standard that forced us to deliver products of excellence."

Juan, Managing Partner.

They are responsible for the company’s strategy and management. Due to their leadership role, they are the ultimate reference in terms of values, work ethics, and competences of Hexacta.

Each one of them is in charge of a group of functional areas (for example, Human Resources, Process Improvement, Technology, Administration, and Finances). Moreover, each one is a point of reference for a defined group of clients. They are the only ones who can sign a proposal or compromise the company to the execution of a Project.

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Main responsibilities

  • To define and execute a mid/long term strategy that generates rising value for Hexacta, its employees, and its clients.
  • To ensure the company’s financial results year to year.
  • To lead the commercial relationship and project execution of a predetermined group of clients.
  • To manage certain functional areas (each partner is in charge of different functional areas).

Knowledge and training

They have college majors and postgraduate education in Business Administration, Engineering, Marketing, or related careers. Several of them have international studies, published papers, or are speakers in information technology conferences.

They usually have worked in Hexacta for many years and have previous experience in renowned companies.