Podcast: Is it time to improve the Agile Manifesto?

Podcast: Is it time to improve the Agile Manifesto?

Recently our partner Accelerance traveled to South America and visited our offices in Buenos Aires. During their stay, we participated in their podcast where the Project Managers Pablo Pecora and Agustín Tobio Corneu were interviewed on Agile and Agility. Take a look at the episode!

Accelerance is a leading consulting firm dedicated to helping companies reduce risk with software outsourcing. Recently, they traveled South America to reassess and visit their Certified partners and Hexacta was on their schedule.

During their stay in our Buenos Aires headquarters, we had the pleasure of participating in their podcast “The Software Outsourcing Show” where the Project Managers, Pablo Pecora and Agustin Corneu, were interviewed.

Podcast: Is it time to improve the Agile Manifesto? Accelerance and Hexacta

The episode was conducted by Jim Marascio, CDO at Accelerance, and the central theme to be discussed was Agile and Agility. There, Pablo and Agustin talked about their experience working with this type of methodology and how they implement it on their teams and projects. They also shared some good Agile practices that have helped them along the way.

The interview went on discussing the kind of trends they have seen over the past few years and the ones expected for 2020. Some of the topics covered were Software Craftsmanship, the Agile Manifesto’s main principles and practices, and recommended testing tools for executing more efficiently.

Over the last minutes, they talked about the challenges of working with Agile, especially when the client is not familiar with it, and mentioned some aspects they put into practice to overcome this type of situations.

To know more about how Hexacta adheres to Agile methods, we invite you to hear the full Podcast on the following platforms:

Pablo Pecora has worked for more than twenty years in software development and has been an evangelist for Scrum for the past decade.  As a Certified Scrum Alliance Instructor, Pablo is responsible for Agile training for clients and participates on the Software Engineering Process Group. Agustin Corneu is a Project Manager at Hexacta with almost a decade of experience working with Agile methods. Pablo and Agustin both constantly seek to incorporate agile methods into their teams and software culture as a key factor for improvement.

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