Sharing professional experience in ALM

Sharing professional experience in ALM

Licensed project managers of Hexacta, Paulo Soto and Francisco Sagasti, were invited to attend a “Project Management” chair to give a free lecture on Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) to students from Universidad Nacional del Sur on Thursday, October 3.

Application Lifecycle Management (ALM)

Agile methodologies (like XP or Scrum) are software development strategies which promote adaptive practices based on iterative development, continuous delivery of software, intensive communication and customer collaboration in the development process.

Members from Hexacta shared with university students of Bahía Blanca how a company manages the life cycle of its development. The objective of this talk was to contribute to their job placement.

Since 2006, Hexacta has adopted the so called “Agile methodologies”, following the belief that new methodologies that are relevant to the market have good practices. Paulo Soto stresses the importance of this methodology and ensures that when it is effectively applied, ALM practices overcome distances between teams, enabling them to tackle challenges and deliver good quality software at a faster rate.

The link between the company and the University dates back a couple of years. In 2011 Hexacta, leader in offering worldwide class services through agile and traditional methodologies, gave one of the presentations of the Conference Cycle of Company Presentations.

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