Project Managers

"My main concern is to deliver high quality products to the client within the established time limits. To do this, I have to make sure that every member of the team work is in sync with each other. I am also convinced that having satisfied clients relies on how our people feel in their jobs. We work hard to make sure that our professionals are happy and they are achieving their personal goals."

Romina Scaricaciottoli, Project Manager.

Project leaders look after the full achievement of the Project’s goals and the correct interaction among every member of the work team. They are the communication channel between Hexacta and the client.

Main responsibilities

  • To develop functional specifications.
  • To plan, estimate, and manage resources.
  • To keep track of the project.
  • To identify necessary adjustments to the plan.

Knowledge and training

They must have thorough knowledge about the processes-reengineering process, application analysis and design, as well as application architecture, and project management. They are professionals in engineering, economics, business administration, marketing, systems, or related careers, with postgraduate education in local and foreign institutions.