One of the five largest oil companies in the world, with an annual revenue of U$S160 billion.

“A partner for success. Hexacta is a company that provides a customized client-focused service, with professional excellence, and at an affordable cost. If you have a business goal or a highly ambitious project, such as the creation of Shell B2C Internet portal oriented to car owners and their cars "Go Shell", you can be sure that Hexacta will provide you the support and appropriate expertise to make it happen. But there is something even more important: the commitment and effort of the consultants, who will work endlessly side by side with your team in order to achieve the goal. In a few words, a real partner for success!”
Walter Felix, LA & South Planning & MI Manager, SHELL

Brief description of the company

One of the five largest oil companies in the world with an annual revenue of U$S160 billion. Second largest oil company in Argentina, with an 18% market share of the market. Business in Argentina focused on downstream activities. Vast retail presence with more than 1,000 service stations distributed throughout the country, mainly in urban areas.

The challenge

Shell CAPSA was interested in exploring new alternatives in the use of the Internet to perform the following tasks:

  • Create new sources of revenue, making the most out of Shell’s renown in Argentina and of its distribution network and thus generating more traffic in its gas stations.
  • Furthermore, in a context of growing commoditization of the industry, Shell wanted to strengthen its relationship with the client and its loyalty programs by creating new communication channels and expanding its offer of added value services.

In a first stage of the Project, the challenge was to define a model that fulfilled Shell’s business needs. This was done incorporating lessons previously learned in the B2C business sphere and with an investment that could be clearly justified before the international direction of the group.

In a second stage, the challenge was to develop the platform and launch the business within the shortest possible time to assure Shell’ position as first- mover in the industry.


Hexacta worked together with Shell in the development of the Business Plan, contributing with our experience in a similar businesses and our business skills.
In less than 14 weeks Hexacta developed the complete application, which included:


  • Definition of the operative model and technological and organizational requirements to support it.
  • Identification of possible allies and negotiation with them.
  • Definition of the business implementation plan.
  • Development of the aesthetic concept of the site.
  • Development and implementation of the technological platform, which includes e-commerce functionality, content administration, data mining tools, third parties integration, etc.
  • The solution is based in the integration of Microsoft Commerce Server, Microsoft Content Management Server, VisualBasic and DCOM y BizTalk components.

The main functionalities of the application are:


  • Car parts, accessories and merchandising shopping.
  • E-fulfillment, which implies using oil stations as delivery points.
  • Tourism, with on-line purchasing possibilities and hotel search engine.
  • Automobile insurance.
  • Car Virtual calendar, with e-mail alerts (oil change, license renewal, etc.).
  • 0 KM cars catalogue (datasheet) and prices for used cars, arranged by brand and model.
  • Used cars advertisements.
  • Maps and traffic information.
  • Contents specially designed for Ferrari fans.
  • Other contents (car advice, news, recommended mechanic workshops sorted by brand, weather information, paperwork).

Applied Technologies

  • Web server: Windows advanced server – Internet Information Server.
  • Presentation Logic : Microsoft ASP – Active Server Pages.
  • Business Logic: Microsoft Commerce Server, Microsoft Content Management Server, VisualBasic con DCOM components.
  • Middleware: Microsoft BizTalk.
  • Data Bases: SQL Enterprise edition.
  • Security: Microsoft Active Directory.
  • eMetrics: Microsoft Commerce Server Data Warehouse & Business Desk.
  • Development tools: Microsoft Visual Interdev
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