Advanced Solutions International (ASI)

Advanced Solutions International (ASI)

ASI is the largest, privately-owned global provider of web-based software for member and donor-based not-for-profits .

"Hexacta's philosophy is to integrate teams with their client in each project, and to acquire deep knowledge of their business processes, becoming true technical partners. This was exactly the kind of partner we were seeking. Working with Hexacta has been an excellent experience for everyone involved."

Mark Dennison, Advanced Solutions International (ASI)

Brief description of the company

Advanced Solutions International (ASI – is the developer of iMIS, an upgradeable software solution for managing associations, membership, non-profits, and fundraising. It is an American company with commercial offices in Canada, Europe and Asia-Pacific. It has served nearly 4000 customers and millions of users worldwide since 1991.

The Challenge

ASI decided to develop a new version of iMIS, called iMIS 15, using .NET technology. The legacy platform was implemented using Visual Basic and they started a migration project based on a “brand” new architecture over Microsoft .NET framework.

The approach followed by ASI was to migrate all the modules in different phases, keeping the legacy functionality available as well, and reducing the “time-to-market”.

iMIS 15 functionality could be classified in 3 main areas:


  • CRM functionality
  • Commerce functionally
  • Tools for application customization

Later on, ASI decided to partner with Hexacta in order to outsource the migration of several modules. Their goal was to speed up the development process.


The first project implemented by Hexacta was related to the development of a new module called “Experience Management”. This project was an excellent pilot project for ASI in order to continue working with Hexacta in the near future. Then, ASI decided to start working with Hexacta on 3 different teams, including testing resources:


  • CRM team. This team worked on 3 different projects: 1st) Experience Management Module; 2nd) Certification Management Module; 3rd) Process Manager Module. This team included two testers.
  • Commerce team. Hexacta's professionals worked hand by hand with the ASI team in the migration of Accounts, Billing and Events modules (mixed team).
  • Tools team. Hexacta assigned an architect and a senior developer to join the ASI architecture team. These developers were responsible for developing the main tools and the framework used by the application.

Applied technologies

ASI has implemented a custom solution for Workflow, Screen designer, Business object designer.


  • Microsoft .Net
  • MS SQL Server