Banco Galicia


The banking unit of Argentine financial holding Grupo Financiero Galicia, is one of the country's largest private-sector banks.

Brief description of the company

Galicia Bank was founded in 1905. It is the first Argentinean Private Bank and a leading provider of financial services throughout the country.
It offers over 600 points of contact with their customers through traditional branches and electronic banking facilities.

The challenge

The Bank’s development department initiated a project called “e-Channels” with the objective of unifying features across all channels that were scattered and duplicated across different applications and technologies into a single application that provides services to the rest.
e-Channels main goals:


  • Unify business logic in a unique application.
  • Homogenize the information managed by the different channels.
  • Facilitate future maintenance and reduce development costs.


Hexacta developed a web solution that includes:


  • A web browser that allows query and post-sales operations of accounts.
  • Integration of functionalities and impressions in different platforms of the existing channels, allowing access to web solutions or creating web-services to maintain current layout.
  • The design of a user interface system with the corporate image of Galicia.
  • Storage log of actions taken by the web solution.

Additionally, the solution:
Implemented business rules and confidentiality requirements imposed by the bank for consultations and post-sales operation in defined channels. It allows to integrate post sales authorization workflow, according to user and account profiles.
Verification of account behavior is possible, by displaying graphics showing account evolution.


  • COM Component to facilitate the consumption of system functionality provided by Web Services.
  • eChannel Web Services: module that exposes the functionality of the system through Web services.
  • Wrapper Internet Browser: COM component that shows the GUI of the Web system applications.