Banco Hipotecario


This bank is one of the most important commercial banks in Argentina and the nation's premier mortgage lender.

“With this development we jumped many barriers and we demonstrated that things that seemed impossible could be done.”

Max Chion, Commercial Vice President, Banco Hipotecario

Brief description of the company

Leader in the mortgage and housing loans market in Argentina for over 100 years.

The challenge

The bank’s growth strategy required the deployment of new channels to facilitate individual access to mortgages.
Hexacta developed a solution to support the application and processing of mortgages over the Internet.
This solution had to support the whole process and had to be integrated with the rest of the bank’s systems.
A critical requirement was to cut down processing time for mortgages, from initial request by the customer to the final approval.


A joint team of Hexacta and BH personnel worked on the project. The main activities completed were:


  • Design of all the processes to operate the new channel and definition of the technical requirements to support these processes.
  • Development of a web-based platform to process loans, which supports on-line application, credit rating by an external credit bureau, underwriting and approval.
  • Integration of this platform with the bank’s scoring and loan processing systems.
  • Training of users to operate with the new platform.
  • Solution deployment.
  • Redesign of the bank’s corporate website, in order to align it with the new image the bank was trying to communicate.
  • Phase I. The core of the middleware.

applied technologies

  • ASP
  • Microsoft #C