ISG Solutions

ISG is a leading provider of business solutions to associations, non-profits, and other organizations across North America. It is based in Rockville, Maryland.

Brief description of the organization

ISG Solutions provides business solutions, software sales, cloud hosting including AMS, iMIS managed services, iMIS Third Party Integrations, association web design and website redesign, as well as technical support to associations and other organizations across North America. It works with more than 300 associations, helping them with membership databases, integrating applications, creating reports, and much more.

The Challenge

In 2004, ISG realized that many associations had a common need: providing enhanced services to their members through the internet, without the cost of developing tailor-made web solutions.
ISG decided to partner with Hexacta to develop a new suite of products to tackle this opportunity, taking into account that the critical factor of success for this project would be that this new suite had to be easily integrated with iMIS (a proprietary tool that allows associations to manage campaigns, members and funds).
The decision was made based on:


  • Hexacta’s knowledge of the .Net framework.
  • Hexacta’s methodological approach.
  • Hexacta’s Gold Partnership with Microsoft.
  • The important savings of working with a partner based in Argentina.


Hexacta staffed a team of software engineers, functional analysts and technical leaders, which worked closely with the Rockville team.
Argentina and Rockville worked remotely as a team with no concerns about the distance.

Several products were developed in a short period of time: ISGweb and I-Bridge, Web Portal and many custom projects:


  • ISGweb is a suite of Web modules that provides enhanced functionalities via the Web.
    It can be plugged into an existing website and it has on-line integration with iMIS.
    Some of the functionalities included in ISGweb are: unified login and create account, update profile, administrator, membership directory, leadership directory, buyers guide and find a professional, company profile management, dues renewal, membership application, events calendar and simple meetings registration, conference setup and registration, product catalog, communities, donations, chapter management, relationships company management, vouchers management.
  • I-Bridge for iMIS is a group of web services that simplify the integration among iMIS’s data bases and the client site. Using I-Bridge, applications are able to add information from iMIS in a web site, in real time, without knowing its structure and using a dynamic language that support web services protocol. I-Bridge solve old problems related with sites’ graphic interfaces.

In addition, I-Bridge is part of ISGweb’s business layer.

Applied Technologies

  • Microsoft .NET Framework
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • XSLT to develop customized reports