Kelgin is a company dedicated to the transportion of wood.

Brief description of the company

Kelgin is a company dedicated to the transportion of wood. Among its customers are the most important forest companies nationwide.

The challenge

In mid-2011, Kelgin had the need to better manage their traveling situation (both in the allocation of vehicles and control of fuel consumption). At the same time, it needed to optimize the payroll of the truck drivers, which required a significant amount of time from its administrative staff. Until that moment, Kelgin was using a management system which had travel restrictions on speed and availability. It was understood that, relying on new technologies, improved processes and a reduction in the time devoted to the different tasks were going to be achieved.


Develop a tailored web application for travel management and payroll, with a high degree of availability, efficiency and effectiveness. Understand in depth all the processes associated with the business in order to provide a complete solution.

The project included:


  • Diagnosis of the situation
  • Graphic design of the application
  • Layout and application deployment


  • NET MVC 3 – C# .NET
  • Entity Framework 4.0 – Code First
  • HTML / Javascript / Jquery
  • MSSQL 2008