This agribusiness company based in Argentina has over 8,000 employees. It is market leader in sugar, printing paper and school supplies.

"As a differential value of the mentoring done with Hexacta we highlight the understanding of our needs and their experience to help us make the best decisions in a broad and complex area such as development methodologies. The ability to put into practice these aspects, the commitment and the rapid integration with our team were outstanding features of Hexacta consultants who assisted in the realization of our objectives. " Walter E. Moreno - Aplications Manager, Ledesma S.A.A.I


Ledesma is an argentine agricultural/industrial company with more than 8,000 employees.
The company constantly invests to continue its leadership in the sugar, printing and writing paper, and citric fruits and juice markets. Ledesma has agricultural/industrial facilities and over 100.000 hectares planted with sugarcane, fruit trees, meat and grains. It self-generates power of over 58,500 kW.

The challenge

Ledesma decided to carry out on a big technological transformation on its development area, where several applications were constantly being built and upgraded. This transformation included adding the new programming language (.NET), several tools and a new working methodology. In this context, Hexacta was chosen to provide them with our expertise and experience in different fields, disciplines and techniques in software engineering, including:

  • .NET and Visual Studio training
  • Team Foundation Server implementation
  • Methodology consultancy
  • Auditory, quality control and some process definitions.
  • Source code migration and in-house tools integration to Team Foundation Server.


  • After analyzing infrastructure and topology requirements, Haxacta generated some definitions and recommendations about TFS architecture and its settings for the next 5-10 years.
  • Hexacta installed TFS and generated user manuals and guides for a recovery and a contingency plan.
  • Hexacta also presented a training plan including topics like C# frameworks and techniques, object-oriented programming, Visual Studio features and plug-ins, etc.
  • We also discussed an approach to develop methodologies and finally defined a variation of Scrum, strategically customized for Ledesma’s specific needs and framework.
  • Hexacta provided a Scrum Master to guarantee the fulfillment of processes and evaluate the adjustments.


  • TFS