Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security

Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security

This national organism, dependent on the Executive Power, has the mission to serve the citizens in its area of competence.

Brief description of the organization

The Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security proposes, designs, elaborates, administers and controls the policies for all the working areas, the employment and the work relationships, the job training and the social security.
The employment and job training managers have the function to promote actions and activities in order to generate working places and qualified human resources, mostly using programs of employment and training.

The Challenge

The aim of the project was to perform a detailed consultancy about the Public Employment Portal to allow:


  • Improving the communicational model by redesigning the presentation layer of the applications to improve the look and feel and the user experience.
  • Overcoming technological obsolescence of the old system: ASP 3.0.
  • Ensuring the continuity of the service and the operative capacity of all kind of users.
  • Improving technical infrastructure and teams skills in order to satisfy change requirements and business evolving.


Through a joint venture with Inter-Cultura, a company specialized on user experience and usability, we had worked on the presentation layer in order to:


  • Update and enhance the visual design.
  • Redesign the interfaces and the communicational model according to the policies and usability best practices.
  • Improve the visual architecture taking into account navigability goals.
  • Develop some characteristics related to ease of communication between users and system and among users
  • Define a new communicational model between application and actors that allow new features and scalability.

The Public Employment Portal was rewritten in Asp.NET MVC that allowed:


  • Add new functionality because of the new components.
  • Easier data interchange using web services.
  • Integrate applications with security systems based on current standards.
  • Improve logging and behavior monitoring.

We have made a training plan for developers, testers and graphic designers that achieve:


  • Assure an integral use of the new technologies and its possibilities.
  • Expand skills and conditions of the development and infrastructure teams in order to manage new requirements.
  • Assure the evolving of the Portal.

Applied Technologies

  • Asp. NET MVC