It owns over 700 gas stations and has partnered with 75 companies all over the world.

Brief description of the company

Petrobras is one of the world’s top 12 oil producers and second in Argentina, and has over 50 years of experience in the business of hydrocarbon exploration and production.
It owns over 700 gas stations and has partnered with 75 companies all over the world.

The challenge

Petrobras Software Development Center (SDC) in Argentina managed over 200 software projects in different technologies (Lotus Notes, .Net, Java, among others) stored in multiple Visual SourceSafe repositories.
Petrobras decided to implement Visual Studio Team System in order to solve problems caused by the use of diverse technologies, volume of operations and complexity of the different development processes. Also, they needed good remote access techniques for outsourced developments, not to mention it was a great opportunity to update and improve their practices and methodology.
Hexacta was selected to participate in the Team System implementation process, taking part in the definition, installation, source migration and staff training, as well as giving advice on methodology and quality assurance practices.


The first step was to define the technical and infrastructure needs for the Team Foundation Server implementation. Growth projections for the next five years were taken into account.
In the meantime, a small application was developed to execute migration tasks automatically, in order to avoid human errors during the final migration.
The new development environment was as similar to the production environment as possible. Requirement and testing documentation were written, as well as tutorials on backup and recovery tasks. Users received training on the new practices and methodologies.
Finally, our team made some suggestions on possible improvements for the future, originated in the SDC requirements analysis.

Applied Technologies

  • Net
  • VSS
  • SQL Server
  • Analysis Services
  • Visual Studio
  • Team Foundation Everywhere con Eclipse