110 Consulting

5 Team Members
2,880 Hours
12 Months

Brief description of the company

110 Consulting is a Microsoft Technology Development and Solutions Vendor and Partner.

Its competencies include all aspects of Staffing & Consulting, Marketing Services, Customer Relationship Management, Business Intelligence, Portals and Collaboration, and Application Development.

The challenge

The client needed to develop a web application to allow the creation of events, and then provide an interface that allows the participants of these events answering a survey. Administrators also had the need to be able to create reports with the survey responses.

The challenge was to develop an application that will be hosted on the Windows Azure Cloud and using a Cloud database also.


The solution was implemented using plain HTML 5 pages, Kendo UI as the UI framework, and jQuery and Javascript to connect the pages with the service layer using AJAX calls.

The service layer was implemented using WCF, and all the database access was made with SQL server stored procedures.

The task was to connect the HTML pages provided by the client’s designer, make them use the KendoUI controls, and invoke the WCF services. Also, the team was responsible for creating the stored procedures and all the service methods and validations.

Applied Technologies

  • Visual Studio 2012.
  • Microsoft C #.
  • SQL Server Management Studio 2012.
  • Windows Azure SDK 2.0.
  • NET Framework 4.5.
  • Javascript.
  • jQuery.
  • KendoUI.
  • OpenXML.
  • Entity Framework 5.