Speackeasy is one of the leading broadband voice, data and IT service providers in the United States.

Brief description of the company

One of the leading broadband voice, data and IT service providers in the United States, Speakeasy serves 120 metropolitan markets.  It joined the Best Buy family in April 2007.

The challenge

As part of the company’s VoIP service, Speakeasy initiated the development of a web portal destined to final users for the setup and configuration of features such as initial connection of the device, call forwarding and selective forwarding configuration, voicemail and management of personal information among other options.

In a first phase, the scope of the basic functionality for outputting a first pilot in a preselected group of customers is defined.

One of the characteristics of this project was the high interaction with third party services, like Intrado (E911 service provider) and Level3 (connectivity to the public telephone network), which brought up a higher level of difficulty at the initial environment setup and test cases.

After the analysis of several alternatives, Speakeasy decided to choose Hexacta as its first offshore software provider, bringing along the challenge of developing a relationship of trust with the client.


At Hexacta, the team implemented several features of the application:


  • In the customer portal, features like call forwarding, selective call forwarding, contract terms acceptance and management of personal information were added.
  • In the admin portal, Hexacta worked developing options related to customer information management and communication with third party services like Intrado (911 service provider), Level3 (public telephone network connectivity) and security features.

A great deal of Hexacta’s team effort was focused on improving communication with the client and Scrum practices, which allowed both sides to work as if the Hexacta team was working on site.

Since the application required high technical knowledge in specific areas, one of the key features for the success in this proyect was the Hexacta’s team’s technical profile.

Applied technologies

  • Java 1.5
  • Java Server Pages 2.1
  • Spring Framework 2.5
  • Spring WebFlow 2.0
  • ORM: Hibernate 3.2
  • Application Server: Apache Tomcat 5.5
  • Database: Oracle10g
  • Ivy Dependency Manager
  • Versio Control System: SVN 1.5
  • IDE: Eclipse Europa 3.3