Buenos Aires City Government

Buenos Aires City Government

The Citizen Care Solution SUACI keeps track of all interactions of Citizens with the City Government and maintains the user informed of the progress of their requests and inquiries until their resolution.

“We are very pleased with Hexacta´s performance. Their level of professionalism, technical knowledge and quality of their developments teams are remarkable. We can state that we had generated a relationship that we value and allows us to trust them for future developments”.

Ana María Ortino. General Head of Systems Development

Brief description of the company

SUACI's main mission is to improve and strengthen the relationship between them and the citizens of Buenos Aires through quality management based on citizen’s participation.

The challenge

The main purpose of the Buenos Aires City Government was to improve both the opinion and perception the citizens had about the services provided by the state, as well as the credibility regarding government’s actions, through the following strategies:


  • Increasing citizens’ participation.
  • Improving government’s care towards the citizens.

Moreover, they intended to unify all the systems used to track citizens’ requests, reducing the amount of necessary paperwork and improving online resolutions.
The challenge was to develop a system that could manage the feedback generated between the citizens and the city government more efficiently.


The solution consisted of an easily scalable modular architecture.
The system has a main module responsible of managing the citizens’ requests and assigning them to a specific area. It has also several applications (web, mobile, Facebook, etc.) which select the citizens’ requests and send them to the core engine.

The main features are:


  • Horizontal “Inbox”, where interactions between citizens and the Government of Buenos Aires can be grouped and recorded.
  • Monitoring the citizen’s request along the different sectors involved until a solution is reached.
  • Generating reports with important information on how requests are solved.
  • The availability of information to generate a database of citizens, with the possibility of reaching individualized knowledge of people.
  • Creating targeted campaigns based on knowledge of the people and their history on the site.
  • Consolidation of citizen’s information, providing a comprehensive understanding of his/her concerns.
  • Monitoring of complaints, appointments and general information queries within a single system.
  • Automatic assignment of requests to each responsible agency.

Applied technologies

  • Wicket
  • Spring
  • JBPM
  • Jasper Reports
  • PostgreSQL
  • Hibernate