Founded in 1922, YPF is the largest company in Argentina and the third largest oil company in South America, directly or indirectly employing more than 72,000 people nationwide.

"I would like to thank the Hexacta team for their professionalism and commitment during the whole project. But most of all, I would like to emphasize their warmth, which allowed the team to successfully face the obstacles that have appeared along the way. I hope to continue working with this team in other projects!”

Cecilia Petersen - Project Leader, YPF

Brief description of the company

YPF is one of the first state oil companies to become vertically integrated. It is engaged in the exploration and production of oil and gas, and the transportation, refining, and marketing of gas and petroleum products.

YPF is the largest company in Argentina and the third largest oil company in South America, directly or indirectly employing more than 72,000 people nationwide.

The challenge

In late 2013, YPF began the search to find two software development suppliers to meet the needs of their application development systems area. Hexacta was selected, which resulted in a contract to provide several development teams to YPF for different development projects. For each project, Hexacta had to provide a proposal under the framework of the original contract.


Hexacta has already participated in 28 projects with diverse technologies and different domains, tightly integrating itself with YPF’s teams and even with other YPF’s providers.

Project: Wells Record

Application of technical information on the state of petroleum wells and planning of corrective and preventive actions on them. The project’s objective was to conduct an evolutionary maintenance to provide the application with adjustments and improvements to functional level modules actions and templates, minimizing time and effort of maintaining and developing modifications.


Project: Extranets integration

YPF has multiple applications for the exchange of information with suppliers and customers, each had its own Look & Feel, a different application for each user, menu, etc. The project’s objective was to integrate these extranets to strengthen the sense of belonging, unifying all communication channels with a single message. Static content management of extranets is handled independently. Migration to Sharepoint and an authentication mechanism SSO (Single Sign On) with recovery of key self-management by the user was implemented.


Project: Integrated Business Management

It is a mobile application designed to manage the agenda of YPF vendors for Retail, Agriculture and Industry and maintain relevant information channels updated. During the project, improvements in the application were made, such as adding new activities and forms, creating a better display for customer information, and developing new modules to support other businesses.


Project: Online Training

YPF needed to have a platform that provided both training content and the possibility to evaluate the knowledge to their employees.
The purpose of the application was such that if an employee was operating a machine in particular, he or she could be trained through the platform. Then, the employee would take the test also through the platform and, after passing the test, be able to finally perform this task.


Project: Sharepoint Migration

YPF had 4,000 sites implemented in SharePoint 2007 that should migrate to Sharepoint 2013 and had to conduct a survey of these sites in a very short time. Hexacta participated in the project with a team of 3 functional analysts who devoted themselves to conduct this survey.


Project: Secondary Recovery System

For a long time, YPF based its oil extraction system in the primary type, this decision change over the years and began combining extraction rates between primary and secondary recovery type. But for the latter type, it had support software to manage, plan and control this new extraction system. Hexacta carried on developing a computerized system that allowed this whole process.


Project: Serviclub Mobile

YPF re-launched its customer loyalty program, Serviclub, through the release of benefits for their customers. To facilitate the location and bring these benefits to its customers, Hexacta developed a mobile application for costumers to be able to search and locate these benefits.


Project: Migration of TOW Reports

YPF had to migrate 76 core business reports technology from Oracle Report to Reporting Services. Hexacta performed the migration of these reports.


Project: Management of Chemicals’ Treatment

YPF required a new system to centralize all the information generated in the activities undertaken to control the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of the different production processes that were developed in the company, and further allow the analysis of such information. Hexacta developed this new system.


Project: Responsive Portals

YPF needed its public portals to not be penalized by Google for its new policy on its search engine, where penalties are applied on sites that do not pass a test of adaptability sites. Hexacta received two sites, the YPF Foundation site and the Energy site, to make the necessary adjustments to go through the Google test.


Applied Technologies

  • Microsoft C#.
  • .Net.
  • Entity Framework.
  • Asp.Net WebForms.
  • Asp.Net MVC.
  • WCF.
  • Visual Studio.
  • Team Foundation Server.
  • SQL Server.
  • Sharepoint.
  • Reporting Services.
  • Oracle.
  • Apache Cordova.
  • Android.
  • Java.