Release Management debate on Programmer’s Day

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On the 256th day of each year, it is Programmer’s Day, an international professional day to celebrate developers and information systems professionals. It was established on this particular day due to the fact that there are only 256 values that can be represented on a byte, a fact that only computer fans know.

Although many people are not familiar with the date, and unfortunately it is not recognized as a national holiday, in Hexacta we decided to honor this day along with MUG (Microsoft Users Group).

Two Hexacta professionals, Eric Delahaye and David Wasinger, were summoned to give a speech on Friday September 12th, where they talked to 30 professionals on the technology field about Release Management.

Release Management is a comprehensive solution continuous deployment, which joined the TFS tools family, extending the variety of ALM solutions. This tool allows to automate the deployment process from the source code repository to the productive environment, possesses a simple multiple environment management, reinforces the collaboration throughout the deployment process and provides reports and delivery analysis.

It is a platform that improves the coordination and communication between development, operations and QA, which allows the reduction of inefficiency issues or human errors, delivering a more transparent process and pointing out areas that could be improved.

In Hexacta, we have 160 developers in our teams that provide their knowledge and expertise to our services. Distributed among four cities, their work brings optimal results and offers continues innovative solutions to our clients. In our officer, every day is programmer´s day. Congratulations!

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