Second Open Space Agile: let’s talk about Estimate and Agile Spirit

Second Open Space Agile: let’s talk about Estimate and Agile Spirit

Last Wednesday June 1st the second meeting of the year on Agile methodologies was held at Cañitas offices. The Open Space Agile gathered more than 40 people who discussed and debated about Estimate and Agile Spirit.

Open space agile at Hexacta

Once again, Hexacta was the scenario for a big appointment: the second Open Space Agile, an event than reunited more than 40 people who tried diverse topics of the Agile world. At the reunion, the most voted theme of the night and the responsible one for opening the debate was No estimate vs. Estimate.

The movement No Estimate suggests not to estimate the different User Stories Sprint since, according to several attendees, most estimations are not precise, consuming considerable time (approximately 10 % of Sprint) and it isn’t a motivating task for the team; even there are frequent deadlines dictated by the client, which complicates the task of estimating.

While most participants agreed with that, there was also a group that considered important to show the amount of hours spent at the Project Managers (PMs), because these are important at billing time, analyzing the progress of the tasks and comparing the estimated hours versus the time invested on each task.

Another thing to stand out of the discussion were the arguments about how to use this movement, several participants agreed to give the same size to the User Stories, meaning that they must be small and able to add value to the customer in different deliveries. In the same line, it was advised to be used in projects that take time to develop and where the team is solid with agile methodologies; also it depends on the type of business, since it isn’t always possible to divide the small User Stories requirements.

At the second part of the meeting the issue turned around the Agile Spirit, which aroused less controversial than the previous topic. All participants agreed that this one it’s based mainly on two principles:

  • Satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery that allow to add value in the short term, since a few weeks of having started a development it is possible to make deliveries.
  • Flexibility to adapt to changes, this allows the customer to make changes in the requirements as the Sprints pass and in this way avoid making changes that often arise when a product is finished, as is common with waterfall methodologies.

Open space agile at Hexacta

The debate and topics kept its fluidity throughout the meeting, and it would had last longer, like when a group of friends meet for dinner and lose track of time, so was the atmosphere at the event. But closing time arrived and new topics still remained to deal with in the next meeting, which hopefully it will be soon!


The Open Space is a format of talks and open participation, the main advantage of which is its dynamic and involved generation of the event’s agenda. While such meetings are long-lasting, Hexacta’s Open Space are designed to last no more than three hours, during which participants work from one to three topics of their interest.

The Open Space is designed as a space to share knowledge and experiences around the agile world, in which some of the issues primarily treated are agile methodologies in software development, project management, in continuous improvement of production equipment, organizational change, leadership, and motivation.

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