Corporate Social Responsibility at Querubines Children’s Home

Corporate Social Responsibility at Querubines Children’s Home

Querubines Children’s Home was closed a month ago because of its poor building conditions. People from Hexacta promoted work to collaborate in reopening it.

Querubines is a non-profit civil association with the aim of helping unprotected children. The rights of these children have been violated as reflected in those cases where they are affected, in a direct or indirect manner, by HIV/AIDS, and cases where children are homeless and suffer from abuse and neglect. To date, 40 kids between 7 months and 18 years old live in these homes as brothers and sisters. They receive comprehensive care, including nutrition, education, health care, rest, and recreation.

A group of people from Hexacta committed themselves to help the Children’s Home. On Saturday 27th July, they went to Beccar to collaborate in refurbishing Querubines Children´s Home. They painted patio walls, furniture, and railings, as well as they did the remodelation of rooms and did plumbing work.

Hexacta’s people are the driving force behind these programs. Staff members volunteer either to be part of the development of the projects fulfilling specific needs of non-profit organizations (NPO) or to be part of the committee in charge of assessing the scope and impact of the different projects. Hexacta understood the importance of managing the business process to produce an overall positive impact on society.


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