Sodexo Corepass Lands in Vietnam and Morocco

Sodexo Corepass Lands in Vietnam and Morocco

Sodexo CorePass was implemented in two new countries and now Hexacta is responsible for maintaining six countries.

Sodexo Corepass Lands in Vietnam and Morocco

The French multinational company, world leader in food logistics and the second company worldwide service vouchers and cards, again trusted Hexacta to implement CorePass software in Vietnam and Morocco.

A few years ago, Sodexo SVC decided to develop a generic system for managing their core business processes. The system had to be able to be adapted to the characteristics of each country where it was meant to be implemented.

The system was called CorePass. The “Core” part is the heart of the system that manages the common requirements for each country. In parallel, it was necessary to make CorePass particular implementations in different countries, developing extensions for country-specific functionality and expanding the base system when the features were general and had not been included.

Hexacta developed the necessary adaptations of the system to Vietnam and Morocco in its Parana city’s office. Currently, four persons are working on the project: three developers and a functional tester. They are responsible for the maintenance of six countries: Tunisia, Indonesia, Russia, Vietnam, Philippines and Morocco.

“We are very proud to work with this international company and to be able to face the challenges this project presents. It is interesting to see the evolution of the application. When we started the project the technologies applied were aged and as the project evolves the technologies are being updated”, said Pablo Goette, Hexacta’s Lead  Architect.

Hexacta has been working in Sodexo CorePass project for the last seven years and it has invest more than 105,000 hours with a average team size of seven engineers located in its Argentinean offices.

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