Software architects

"We analyse the client's needs and design the best technological strategy to fulfil them. Technology must be understood as a mean to enhance the client's business. A coherent, elegant and simple application is the best way to guarantee success in a software project."
Daniel, Software Architect.

They are responsible for defining the complete architecture of a system.
They take the lead in technology research, compare the available options, and identify the best one, considering the client's needs.
They identify the required quality attributes and their relative importance and establish design and programming guidelines. They design and develop architectural components as well as critical functional modules.

Main responsibilities

  • To define the technical and functional architecture of the system.
  • To define general specifications and to guide developers in the design and implementation of the solution.
  • To develop the most critical components of the system.
  • To contribute with suggestions to the selection for the best alternatives, considering engineering and business aspects.
  • To research in order to find efficient solutions for own or team requirements.

Knowledge and training

They have a vast experience in application analysis, design and development, and strong knowledge in software architecture and hardware. They also have a remarkable methodological background, making appropriate use of the available methodologies.

They have college majors in Systems Engineering, Computer Sciences, or related careers.