Software solutions for the government: Technology for Buenos Aires’ citizens

Hexacta developed the dashboard used by the Government of the City of Buenos Aires to organize and process large amounts of information entered by citizens.

Buenos Aires is the largest city in Argentina, and the second largest in South America, after Sao Paulo. Although 3 million people live within the city, over 6 million people travel through it every day, which means that the Government must provide services to more than double the people that live there.

Several projects are underway to efficiently provide services such as transportation facilitation and tools that allow people to report incidents and complaints, and Hexacta has developed the most important tool to monitor the progress of these projects: a dashboard that takes in the information, organizes it and gives feedback to help the Government of Buenos Aires to make efficient decisions.

The dashboard, as Martín Hojman, one of our partners, explains in the video, is built on SQL Analysis Services through Business Intelligence. On the other hand, Andrés Ibarra, Minister of Modernization in the City of Buenos Aires, says: “The implementation of dashboards within the Government is the key to efficiently and effectively monitor the progress of the different projects as they move forward”.

The dashboard uses Excel, Power Pivot, Power Map and it displays the final reports on Sharepoint.

Hexacta is working with the Government of the City of Buenos Aires in several projects, not only to modernize the way information is handled, but also to educate people in technology.

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